Best foot forward for 2019

Now we are in February, you may feel safe to congratulate yourself on sticking to your New Year resolutions and finally giving up smoking, reducing your red wine intake or quitting caffeine. Apart from the massive boost you’ve made to your health, you may now be looking at the consequences of a lifetime of smoking or drinking red wine or coffee on your teeth. It’s likely if you like one of the above, you’ve liked all three, so staining to your teeth will have changed your pearly whites into yellow ochre patterned antiques. So, what’s next? Have you considered cosmetic dentistry in Belfast as a solution?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

What cosmetic dentistry in Belfast could offer you

One of the most obvious treatments is teeth whitening. This is a very simple procedure and highly cost effective, whilst providing great results. Surface staining of your teeth can be stripped back to pearly white within an hour for in-clinic treatment, or within several days with our home kit. At Blue Sky Dentistry, we make gel trays that fit your teeth exactly and will hold the whitening agent. With our in-clinic option, the gel tray containing the whitening agent is then fitted to your teeth, light is then applied, activating and accelerating the process. Home application takes a couple of weeks as the gel is weaker. Either way is perfectly safe and highly effective.

With deep staining due to medication or damage to the enamel, teeth whitening will not be inappropriate. Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can offer you a long-lasting solution however, that corrects staining as well as damage such as cracks, fissures or chips. Porcelain or resin veneers offer a great solution for damage to teeth. They are made from a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the teeth or fine layers of resin sculpted directly on the surface of your teeth. Whichever procedure is used, you will have a completely new façade that offers perfect, straight, white teeth with only a few visits to the dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can offer solutions to real cosmetic issues. If your teeth need a makeover, Blue Sky Dentistry has a range of options that can transform the way you look.