White Fillings: Get that Glint Out of Your Smile

Silver or metal fillings used to be the only kind of fillings available to repair the cavities. Although they are a reliable option to strengthen your teeth, they do not exactly look pleasing when you smile. Not only do they give a metallic or artificial look to your mouth, but they also tell the world that you could have taken better care of your teeth.

white fillingsPresently, white fillings are the alternative if you want a more natural way to cover up the holes in your teeth without giving off a metallic glint when you smile.

Natural-looking Teeth

The most obvious benefit of choosing white fillings over amalgam is that they give your teeth a more natural look. The composite has almost the same colour as your real teeth, and because it is not made of metal, it does not glint or shine.

You will also feel like you have natural teeth with white fillings. Additionally, they offer almost the same strength as amalgam or silver, and even support your teeth better. This is because we do not remove an extensive amount of tooth material when we use white fillings as compared to metal fillings, which makes future restorations easier.

No Cracks, No Worries

One of the most common complaints we hear from people with metal fillings is how easy they crack. This is because amalgam or silver fillings tend to expand and contract when you expose it to extreme cold and heat. This becomes even more problematic if, for example, you eat warm food and then suddenly drink a cold glass of water. The sudden temperature swing causes the metal fillings to crack, and may even damage the teeth in the process.

White fillings, since they are made of plastic and resin, are more resistant to temperature swings and they even offer a level of insulation that metal or silver fillings simply cannot provide. Metal fillings are physically stronger than white fillings, but they are less durable as they do not handle sudden shifts from cold and warm temperatures well.

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer white fillings that are not only aesthetically pleasing; they also improve the functionality of your teeth. Contact us today if you are looking to replace your amalgam fillings with a more natural-looking alternative.