Changing looks

Choosing to have cosmetic dentistry in Belfast opens up a whole range of treatments that can enhance your facial appearance. Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer many different processes that will change the look of your teeth and gums. We use modern technology and a high level of skill to make your Belfast cosmetic dentistry a transformative experience. Whether you’re after a quick fix or more of a lengthy adjustment, our friendly team can guide you towards a brighter smile.

Belfast cosmetic dentistry

Visual solutions

Our Belfast cosmetic dentistry treatments take many different forms. Many of our patients want to do something about a minor imperfection in their smile. Chipped or misshapen teeth, or slight but noticeable gaps where teeth ought to meet, can become a source of significant concern. Veneers can make such concerns a thing of the past. The dental veneer is a carefully-shaped piece of strong dental porcelain, which we bond to your tooth or teeth using a super-secure adhesive. Once they’re placed, your veneers will be a great visual benefit, and you can smile with confidence.

We also offer tooth-coloured fillings, so you can mitigate the damage caused by tooth decay without adding any visible anomalies that others might notice when you open your mouth.

Skilful changes

Our high quality Belfast cosmetic dentistry includes the long-term option of dental realignment. This procedure is useful if your smile looks wonky because your teeth have emerged at awkward angles. We use contemporary braces and aligners that remain discreet while your treatment is ongoing. That’s because they’re constructed of transparent plastic, or tooth-coloured materials, which ensures their visibility remains low. This, in turn, helps your experience of dental realignment to be smooth and socially undemanding.

Future procedures

If you suffer from the effects of missing teeth, our replacement options include dental implants. With this procedure, you’ll have new teeth that fully integrate with your jawbone. Therefore, as well as looking great, the new teeth will perform their task of chewing food as well as your natural ones did. Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can help your dental function as well as your facial aesthetics.