Get the gold-star whitening treatment

When we see things that cost a little more, it’s tempting at first to try and find a budget option. Teeth whitening in Belfast at Blue Sky Dentistry is probably more affordable than you think but it will cost you more than over-the-counter whitening kits. We want you to know you are getting value you for your money when you work with us, so this article is to explain what you get for the extra investment.

Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Customer experience

There’s a reason why Blue Sky Dentistry has been given nearly 50 5-star reviews on Google. It’s because we find out what patients want and feel comfortable with and then we offer them tailored treatments that show tangible results. With our teeth-whitening treatments, we ensure that everyone goes home with a smile that they want to flash more often.

Customised equipment

When you buy a kit to use at home, it comes with a one-size-fits-all set of trays. The trouble is that one size doesn’t fit everyone, and your kit may not be suitable for the size and shape of your teeth. When you have teeth whitening in Belfast, we craft a set of trays specifically for you which you can then take home to use along with a high-strength whitening gel.

Additionally, you can also reuse your teeth-whitening equipment over and over again to top up the effects of your treatment. We can resupply you with the professional-grade gel during your check-ups. We can also keep an eye on your teeth so that we can check that they are healthy and suitable for ongoing whitening treatments.

Support for any issues

Teeth whitening in Belfast is safe and effective with the support of your dentist. One of the few problems you can encounter is some tooth sensitivity after your treatment. If this happens, we can advise you on the steps to take. Any sensations you feel will fade when you stop using the whitening gel.

With home kits, there is no aftercare. Without the proper guidance and equipment, there are a number of issues that people regularly encounter. This often includes failing to whiten your teeth to the shade that you wanted.