Mix and match – facial treatments and cosmetic dentistry in Belfast

When you have a fabulous dress, you want a special pair of shoes to go with it. When you go on a beautiful trip, it’s great to have a perfect food experience to enhance it. Some things in life go together and serve to complement one another to create something greater than the sum of the parts. That’s why, at Blue Sky Dentistry, we often help patients to pair treatments which work together to offer a stunning result.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

Our full range

Our menu of cosmetic dentistry in Belfast is extensive, but it’s not all that we offer. Your look comprises more than just your smile even though it is a central and key component. At our practice, we also offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can complete your makeover and rejuvenate your appearance.

Deciding what you want

You may have an overall vision of how you want to look or have features that you definitely want to adjust but how do you go about achieving your goals? That’s where we come in at Blue Sky Dentistry. One of the services that we offer when you have cosmetic dentistry in Belfast with us is a no-obligation consultation. We can make recommendations based on our considerable experience in the aesthetics of the smile and surrounding areas.

How does it work?

Each treatment has its own process. You may need to have one after another or you may be able to combine several procedures in one visit. We will devise a treatment plan that offers the best clinical experience and results while also considering your availability and timescales.

When you have your consultation and then decide what you want, a member of the team from Blue Sky will go through the details of any treatments you have chosen. This will include preparation tips, advice about any sensations you will experience, as much technical knowledge as you want to have and aftercare considerations. This is also a good time for any questions and discussion of any contraindications or risks. We believe in giving you all the information so that you can make an informed decision about your cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.