New and strong teeth

Losing a tooth as an adult can often be a turning point in your dental health. If the missing tooth is at the front of your mouth, there will be an obvious cosmetic impact. Replacement teeth in the form of dentures and bridges do good work. However, dental implants in Belfast will give you long-term stability and a natural performance.

Dental Implants in Belfast

Choosing dental implants in Belfast

At Blue Sky dentistry, we provide long-lasting replacement teeth that are anchored in the jawbone. These Belfast dental implants will restore your dental function and improve the visual harmony of your smile. They are fully customised to meet your particular needs, and if you look after them correctly, they can last for decades.

We can also use the techniques of implant dentistry to stabilise any existing bridges or dentures you may have. Our precision technology will enable you to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating as you used to do when you had all your natural teeth. You can once again bite into your food and chew it without being nervous about dislodging a tooth.

Receiving better replacements

Your tooth replacement solution starts with a conversation at our dental practice. Let our friendly team inform you of the benefits around Belfast dental implants so you can decide for yourself whether this treatment is right for you. We’ll use imaging software to build up a detailed picture of your teeth. Then your personal replacement teeth will be fashioned, ready for installation.

The dental implants themselves are small metal posts that resemble screws. Our dentist places them into your jawbone during minor surgery. Once the implants have integrated with your jawbone, you come back to our practice to have your new teeth securely attached to the metal posts.

Dental implants in Belfast offer more than just long-term stability. They’ll help to maintain the bone structure of your face, too. You’ll thus avoid taking on the sunken appearance that’s often an identifying feature of people who have lost their teeth. Belfast dental implants can be used for any number of missing teeth, even if you’ve lost the whole set. In some cases, the whole procedure can even be completed in a single day.