Problems that dental implants in Northern Ireland can solve

Problems are part of the human experience. They may seem like a drag sometimes, but they have a function. When your problems become too much of an issue, your feelings about them motivate you to make a change. Solving a problem gives you a boost and you are rewarded with a more positive emotional state.  

Dental Implants in Northern Ireland

If you make a list of your problems and one of them includes missing or challenging teeth, the team at Blue Sky Dentistry will happily help you tick this one off. We understand that impact that dental problems can have and part of why we love our work is that we start people on a journey towards better oral health every day. Today could be your day if you book an appointment to get dental implants in Northern Ireland with us.

Missing teeth

The primary issue that leads people to get dental implants in Northern Ireland is missing teeth. Even a single missing tooth can have an impact on your smile and eating abilities. Whether it’s one or multiple teeth you want to replace, we can make a treatment plan that is tailored to your circumstances.

Awkward dentures

You may already be working with a tooth replacement method. Dentures are great, and they certainly have their place, but they can come with a host of issues related to fit, slippage and pressure. All of these can be addressed with implant-retained dentures. These are mounted on a number of dental implants to hold your dentures securely in place. This allows you to experience a better fit, zero slippage and a higher level of bite pressure.

Jawbone deterioration

One of the unseen problems of missing teeth is jawbone deterioration. Put simply, when the area around the base of a tooth is no longer in use, it can begin to break down so that the body’s resources can be diverted to areas where they will be useful. This can affect the appearance of the face and create problems with other teeth shifting around when they are no longer fully supported. Dental implants restore balance to the smile and support the surrounding teeth. They also stimulate the jawbone so that it does not diminish.