Teeth whitening in Northern Ireland – an easy and inexpensive way to refresh your appearance

If your smile is flawed by stains and discolouration, then you may wish to consider teeth whitening – an easy, inexpensive and quick way to whiter teeth. As we age, our teeth become darker and more stained. Discoloured teeth can also be the result of smoking and eating certain foods. Luckily, this situation can be easily reversed.

Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we often meet a lot of patients who wish to refresh their appearance by achieving a whiter shade for their teeth. Teeth whitening in Northern Ireland comes with many benefits for your oral health and you can choose from a variety of methods including power whitening and home whitening.

There is no substitute for professional teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

Teeth whitening products are flooding the market every year and many of them promise to offer a whiter smile. However, you should be very careful before buying an over-the-counter whitening product. Most of these products are not adequately tested for sensitive teeth, not to mention that they do not contain the right dose of whitening agents for your smile. Over-the-counter and DIY trays are also not tailored to fit over your teeth and gums and you can seriously damage your oral health if you experiment on your own.

To be safe, simply book an appointment with your cosmetic dentist at Blue Sky Dentistry. Our teeth-whitening options are very affordable and offer long-lasting results.

Minimising the risks of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

To reduce any risk related to teeth whitening even further, we advise booking a consultation appointment in advance. Not everyone can have teeth whitening, since sensitive teeth do not respond well to this treatment. Our dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly and determine whether you are a good candidate for power whitening or home teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. If your teeth cannot be whitened with the aid of teeth whitening, we will suggest alternative methods such as veneers for permanent results.

Want to learn more?

For more information about the benefits and risks of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland, or to schedule an appointment, contact our dental practice today. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.