The gift of great replacement teeth

Teeth should work properly. They should be able to bite off chunks of apple or celery, chomp through steaks, grind nuts into a paste. Teeth that don’t work properly because they aren’t well enough secured to be able to cope with the forces required for these activities are barely worth having, even if they look good.

Dental Implants in Belfast

This is the conundrum that has faced dentists for centuries: how to get replacement teeth that look like actual teeth and how to make them stable enough that people can use them like their original teeth.

Partial dentures on a plate can be clipped in place but often still have a bit of jiggle. Full dentures may start off adhering to the gums, but as the gums recede, they no longer fit properly. Fixed bridges are pretty stable, but require the sacrifice of neighbouring teeth to act as buttresses.

Faced with these imperfect solutions to the tooth loss issue, it’s no wonder we have all been so keen to make as much use as possible of dental implants in Belfast.

Dental implants in Belfast came on the market in the 1980s and at last there was a way to replace the root of the tooth, instead of having to find ways round not being able to. It was the chance discovery that titanium fuses with bone tissue that led to the invention of the dental implant.

Since then, dentists have found all sorts of ways to make the most of this innovative tooth replacement method, and here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we love using these innovations to make dental implants in Belfast available to as many people as possible.

You can have one dental implant and put 3 crowns on it, doing away with the need for a fixed bridge and saving those neighbouring teeth.

You can have an entire arch of teeth anchored into your jawbone on just 4-6 dental implants, and treatment can be very quick.

You can have your dentures stabilised too using dental implants.

If you want to find out more about what dental implants in Belfast can do for you, why not book a consultation with us?