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Cutting Edge Technology

See what makes us different

We pride ourselves on providing a service at the forefront of innovation. We continually invest our time and money to ensure that we are giving you the best treatment available using modern dental technologies. We make a point to stay on the cutting edge of the latest research, technology, and innovative approaches to cosmetic and restorative dentistry in every aspect of our practice.

Digital Smile Design

Understanding how your smile can be transformed by dental treatment is often difficult; this is why at Bluesky Dentistry we can offer you digital smile design which allows you to view the smile of your dreams prior to embarking on any treatment.

Using this technology means that patients can be actively involved in their treatment from the start. By using photographs and videos, taken in our own photo studio, throughout all stages of treatment, patients find it easier to raise any concerns or questions they may have, and can be assured that their dentist can listen to and address any of these concerns as they arise. Having restorative or cosmetic dental treatment is an emotional experience for most patients, and by using the latest digital smile design techniques their emotional as well as physical needs are taken care of, resulting in a beautiful, natural-looking smile that fits their face perfectly.

The entire concept involves analysing an individual patient's dental and facial features so that the smile we designed, with your input and feedback, is as unique and individual as you are.

Planmill Planmill

Imagine a dental practice where you can go and have your new false tooth made and fitted during a single visit. This is what PLANMILL technology makes possible.t

Planmill is a revolutionary system that enables your dentist to design, fabricate and fit a new crown, onlay or inlay in a single visit, a procedure that would normally take at least two weeks.

How does PLANMILL technology work?

Your dentist will prepare your tooth in the normal way before fitting a crown or a onlay.  Then, instead of using "dental putty" to take an impression of your tooth, a digital image is taken using a special camera. This image is then converted into a 3D computerised model of your tooth, which is used as a guide to design your new restoration. Once your dentist is happy with the newly designed tooth, this data is sent to our onsite milling machine, which fabricates your new tooth from a high-quality ceramic block.

Once the crown or veneer has been milled, the dentist can characterise it and stain it to match your surrounding teeth, before glazing it in a furnace. Your new restoration will then be cemented into place onto your prepared tooth.

What are the benefits of PLANMILL?
  • Single visit crowns and onlays offer greater comfort and convenience
  • No impressions and no temporary crowns
  • Beautiful and natural looking restorations
Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

At Blue sky Dentistry we don't like to follow the crowd but lead it.

In keeping with this ethos we are delighted to announce our most recent investment: the Planmeca CBCT Scanner. The first of its kind in Ireland, it is an exciting adjunct to the services on offer at Bluesky

This ensures that our patients can benefit from the latest advances in dental technology and treatment planning with the Planmeca 3D CT scanner.

The scanner uses 21st century 3 dimensional imaging of head and neck anatomy.

The scanner is fully operational not only for the benefit for our patients but is available to referring dentists whose patients require a CT scan

Intra Oral Digital Scanner

If you need a crown or a bridge fitted or even a cavity filled your dentist will normally have to make an impression of your teeth using plaster.

While this is an uncomfortable experience for most of us, many people suffer what is known as a gagging reflex - the feeling that they are going to choke - making it almost impossible for them to have any major work carried out on their teeth. But a new device called a Cad Cam aims to change all that.

When placed in the mouth this laser imaging system, the size of a pen, makes a 3D image of the tooth or teeth that need work. The image is so precise in detail that the dentist can then make up the filling, bridge or crown to the exact size needed without having to place an impression into the patient's mouth.

  • Reducing the recovery period after dental implants
  • New technology to speed recovery following implantology

The process of implantology is invasive and leaves a small wound in the soft connective tissues of the gum and underlying jaw bone. With any wound, the body produces a special set of proteins which act at the site of the wound to stimulate the body's natural repair process.

Using PRGF-ENDORETâ„¢ technology, we are able to isolate these healing proteins from a small sample of the patient's blood and apply them directly to the area of the wound to accelerate the healing process.

To prepare the PRGF ("plasma rich in growth factor") we take a small sample of the patient's blood and treat it to produce a concentrated mixture of natural healing factors. This is then applied to the wound area in carefully measured therapeutic dose to optimise the healing process.

Photo Studio

We have an ultra-professional photographic suite with light boxes and LED panels. This is a very useful tool in obtaining clinical excellence which we use for Digital Smile Design, before and after photos and our video testimonials. As well as providing excellent means for patient education and marketing, this studio allows us to drive our standards higher by providing us with high quality professional photographs enabling critical appraisal and quality assurance.