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Full Jaw Implants

Case 1
Teeth Replacement Belfast

This patient presented with a lot of problems relating to gum disease. The decision was taken to remove over twenty teeth and place 14 implants top and bottom. Fixed bridges were fabricated and cemented in. The teeth were aged to appear like they belonged to a man in his mid fifties, but not taking away from the aesthetics. The final restorations provide a stunning result, and the patient could not have been any happier with his final result.

Case 2
Natural Looking Teeth

This patient has gum disease and she had been noticing the gaps developing between her front teeth. She decided that she needed to get the problem fixed decisively. After consultation it was decided that the teeth would be removed, seven implants were then placed immediately. It was important that the final restoration matched the patient's existing lower teeth, and the bridge was constructed to replicate the situation in the bottom jaw i.e. gum recession. The porcelain was stained yellow/brown to simulate exposed dentine. The final result is an entirely realistic replication .


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QouteI am 52 years old and have been a smoker all my life, which ruined my teeth and my gums. My teeth were so disgusting that I never smiled anymore. Also my confidence to talk to people was gone. So I made a decision that something had to be done. I came to see Rory, who discussed what had to be done. I am a very nervous person and afraid of dentists. So I was put right at ease from day one. Now I have no fear of the dentist and trust them so much. Now I have beautiful teeth and have my confidence back. I can't wait to get my bottom teeth done. I am now a non-smoker and will remain to be one. So thanks Rory, for a brilliant job well done.Qoute

Case 3

This patient had gum disease in his top jaw, despite the fact that his teeth were very stable. After detailed consultation, his top teeth were removed and six implants placed. After a period of healing, a fixed porcelain bridge was constructed and cemented. The bridge was constructed to be very aesthetic but not to look to new. Some flaws were introduced, such as crack-lines and slight discolouration.

Case 4

This patient attended with gum disease in her upper jaw and she did not want to wear a denture on the top jaw. The unhealthy teeth were carefully removed and six implants were placed into the bone. After a period of healing, the implants were restored with a fixed porcelain bridge, to provide a huge improvement in her functionality, comfort and aesthetics.