Dental implants to restore your smile

If you have missing teeth, ill-fitting dentures or are about to lose teeth due to surgery, you could have them replaced using dental implants in Northern Ireland. Dental implants provide stability and strength to dental prosthetics that offer a range of benefits you may not be aware of. They can be a cost-effective solution to tooth loss since they are long-lasting, securing dentures, stabilising bridges and ensuring the longevity of your jawbone health, thus preventing further tooth loss. We offer single and multiple implants to replace one tooth to a full set of teeth.

How dental implants in Northern Ireland work


Our jawbones require stimulation from the roots of our teeth to keep them strong and healthy. Without this, overtime bone will deteriorate and shrink. In Northern Ireland, dental implants encourage the growth of the bone onto its structures, creating a strong base for dental prosthetics to be attached to. This keeps your jawbone healthy and prolongs the lifetime of dentures and bridges.

When the implants are fitted by our professional dentists at Blue Sky Dentistry, they will look, feel and perform the same way as your natural teeth. You’ll be able to eat as normal and cleaning is as simple as brushing and flossing twice daily.

What types of dental implant treatments are available?

We offer a range of dental implants in Northern Ireland to suit almost any tooth replacement situation. Our dentists are experienced in resolving any underlying issues such as bone density concerns, so there is no reason you should miss out on this innovative solution.

Click–Fit implants for dentures

Click-Fit allows dentures and bridges to be secured to prevent slippage and other denture failures. This allows the denture to be clicked into place, restoring bite strength so your favourite foods can be enjoyed again without embarrassment.

Teeth in a Day

This option allows you to have implants and beautiful looking teeth, fitted in approximately three hours. We even offer a Teeth in a Day option which allows patients to have problem teeth gently removed, a number of dental implants inserted, and a permanent bridge fitted, all in one appointment.

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