Signature smile

Blue Sky Dental & Implant Clinic are proud to introduce our fantastic new treatment, Signature Smile, which uses composite veneers to give you confidence in your smile.

We provide you with up to ten veneers per arch that have been digitally designed using our innovative and specialised technology, giving you beautifully straight, bright and natural looking teeth.

See our patient journey below:

      1 - Consultation

      30 minutes 

      The initial consultation gives Dr McEnhill the opportunity to discuss your dental journey, and assess the level of treatment that you require to achieve your dream smile. This part of the process requires digital and analogue impressions of your teeth to be taken. Scans and photos allow for digital planning of your new smile in preparation for your smile trial.

        2 - Smile trial 

        30 minutes 

        During this stage, Dr McEnhill will place the preliminary wax moulds that have been created from your digital smile design over your teeth. In this step, you will be shown an image of your new smile in your mouth using photos and moulds taken. If you are not 100% happy with how it looks, we can make changes at this stage to reach your final smile. The moulds will then be designed and crafted in our onsite digital laboratory.

          3 - Signature smile 

          90 minutes 

          It’s time for your Signature Smile templates to be used to create your new smile! This involves the physical crafting and placement of your carefully created composite veneers, and is the most exciting step where you will get to see how much you love the look of your new smile.

            4 - Smile review

            30 minutes 

            This allows Dr McEnhill the chance to make any refinements or adjustments to perfect your Signature Smile.

              Frequently asked questions


              Will my smile last?

              If you look after your oral health well, then composite veneers can last between 7-9 years. However certain behaviours such as smoking, nail biting or grinding your teeth will affect the lifespan of your veneers. If you grind your teeth in your sleep, we would recommend wearing a night guard.

              When your composite veneers require renewing, we can complete this procedure for you to rejuvenate your Signature Smile. This should also cost less than your first treatment, as the moulds and laboratory work has already been completed.


              How many follow ups will I need

              After the completion of your Signature Smile, we always provide a review appointment where small changes or refinement can be done. Typically we won’t see you again after that time until you need new composite veneers (typically 7-9 years with good oral health habits). However if you have any questions or concerns, we are always happy to help in any way that we can. Feel free to give us a call.


              Can I see my smile first?

              The second step in the Signature Smile process is where we use our digital design technology to show you how your smile will look. If you require any changes, this is the step where we can do that for you, and tweak the design to provide you with a second smile trial.


              Does the procedure hurt?

              This treatment is minimally invasive, and most cases only require resin to be added to already existing teeth. If any tooth reduction is necessary, then we only reduce the enamel, which has no nerve endings and does not cause pain


              Can I choose the colour of my teeth?

              Of course the colour of your composite veneers is a personal choice, and our dentist will be able to show you the range of shades that we can offer you.


              Does this procedure straighten teeth too?

              The process involved with Signature Smile involves adding enough composite to your teeth to increase prominence, which can mask any mild tooth crowding, without any teeth adjustment. However if crowding is more severe, we will recommend orthodontic treatments prior to any Signature Smile treatment.


              What if I crack a veneer?

              It is easy and straightforward to fix a cracked composite veneer. As your dentist will still have your moulds and templates, they can recreate the same veneer shape and chosen colour.


              What is the cost of a Signature Smile

              This will depend on the level of treatment that you require, and can only be answered following an initial consultation once we know how many composite veneers you need.


              Is this procedure right for me if I have missing teeth

              When patients have missing teeth, a dental implant can be fixed into the gum and included in the smile design and moulds. The rest of the veneer is then created as normal

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