How cosmetic dentistry in Belfast transforms appearance

Life will bring many surprises and changes to our bodies and health, including our teeth. The things we eat and drink, perhaps even smoking will have an effect on our oral health. Slipping into bad habits or just not going to the dentist regularly enough may have led to gum infections and possible tooth loss. Some medication, illness or accidents can lead to damage such as chips, cracks and deep staining. At Blue Sky Dental & Implant Clinic, cosmetic dentistry or cosmetic treatments combined with restorative procedures could reinstate your smile, giving you a second chance at a healthy, youthful appearance. 

If your teeth have lost their natural lustre but you have good oral health overall, teeth whitening could be an option for you. This simple, cost effective procedure offers quick results. However, if your teeth have deep staining, we’d recommend other cosmetic solutions such as veneers.

Taking this example further, maybe you have general good oral health but you have a couple of missing teeth, a chip on one, two deep stained and the rest have lost their lustre. In this instance we’d combine various dental disciplines to produce the perfect result.

Firstly, we’d treat any underlying issues that led to your tooth loss using periodontal techniques and a deep clean of your gums and teeth. Dental implants could then be used to fully restore your teeth. Your chipped tooth could be repaired in a number of ways, our professional dentists would assess the tooth to see which treatment would give the best result. Cosmetic dentistry techniques would then be employed such as veneers, gum contouring and teeth whitening, completing the makeover. The result is a white, clean smile that not only looks great but restores strength and health.

Precision to improve our techniques

We employ the latest in dental diagnostic and treatment planning technology with ‘Digital Smile Design’ or DSM for short. This is an advanced scanning and processing tool that allows us to communicate effectively with you and with all the other dentists within the practice. Using DSM means whether you’re having simple procedures or complex multidisciplinary treatment plans plotted, precision, vision and professional are forefront in your treatment.

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