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Case 1

This case was shortlisted in the multiple implant category at the UK Aesthetic Dentistry Awards 2015

This patient presented to the practice looking to fill in the gaps that had developed over time. He did not want to lose any more teeth, and wanted to restore everything back to the way it was. This presented a number of major challenges as there was considerable bone and gum loss in the sites were the teeth were removed. Consequently, bone grafts were required in three different places. The bone was gathered from the lower left side of the jaw and grafted into the defect sites. In total 8 implants were placed. All the natural teeth were restored using a mixtures of porcelain crowns and veneers. The final result is a fabulous success, as the aesthetics are excellent and the patient's functionality has been completely restored.

Case 2

'Win the Smile of your Dreams' Case

This patient was the winner of our 'Win the smile of your dreams' competition that we ran to celebrate the opening of our practice.

This was a complicated case as there were several dental disciplines required to complete this case. The primary issue was the ugly, ungainly bridge that had been placed years previously which was too big and asymmetrical. The missing tooth had been knocked out 10 years previously and consequently the bone in this site was too thin for an implant. We carried out a bone graft harvested from his chin and grafted into the defect. After 3 months healing an implant was placed. However, due to the crowding in his lower front teeth, there was no space to restore an implant and the lower front teeth had to be straightened. This was carried out using an Inman aligner. The teeth were also whitened using our Zoom machine. Once the lower teeth were straight, three new porcelain crowns were placed on the upper front teeth. The final result is a fabulous success.

Case 3

This patient was a very self-conscious individual who was very concerned about the appearance and function of his teeth. Sustained neglect of his teeth had resulted in loss of multiple back teeth and a collapse in his bite. In addition, his crowns were very short and squat due to the excessive amount of gum. This case involved removing all the excess gum, providing new crowns on the top/bottom teeth and providing a specialised denture to restore his function. This patient was extremely happy with the final result and was given a new lease of life.


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QouteWhen I first cane to see Rory, I was very low on confidence as I did not have a particularly nice smile, due to my lack of care for my teeth over the years. I would have been afraid to smile and was always covering my mouth with my hand every time I did smile. I would have worn an ordinary denture but could never get used to this especially at meal times eg lunchtime in work when I would have went to toilets to take this out as I did not feel comfortable eating with the denture in place. This was very embarrassing for me. Ever since I had my treatment with Rory, my confidence has risen 100% as I now smile at every given opportunity, I do not now feel the need to hide my smile and I can now eat with my whole mouth, which was always a problem. As a whole, I am extremely happy with the work that I have received.Qoute

Case 4

This patient was very unhappy with the appearance of her teeth and the excessive gum visibility when smiling. In addition, this patient had an adhesive bridge replacing her upper left lateral incisor that intermittently came out. The gum was repositioned to provide uniformity and symmetry. An implant was placed in the incisor position. Following this new porcelain crowns/veneers were fitted to provide an extremely aesthetic result.


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QouteHaving had extensive dental treatment done by Dr Rory McEnhill, I could not be happier with the expertise and professionalism of this dentist. Initially, I got excellent advice from him on a whole series of improvements that could be carried out. He quoted for each procedure individually and gave me a realistic idea of what could be achieved and within the timeframe. I think the photographs speak for themselves. I still can't believe my luck in finding this person. At no stage was I ever concerned, as he explained each procedure as he went along. I trusted him implicitly. I would, and indeed have, recommended Rory to others. I would also have to say that the team of dental assistants and staff in general could not be nicer and more efficient if they tried. The service was also very prompt. I was never left waiting more than a few minutes and indeed often taken a few minutes early. I wish Rory every success.Qoute

Case 5

This patient presented with loose baby teeth in her canine positions. She was also concerned about the excessive amount of gum on display when she smiled. In addition, the patient had a significant amount of wear on her front teeth due to night-time grinding. To improve the proportionality of the gum and teeth, gum re-contouring was carried out, followed by implant placements in the canine positions. Following restoration with porcelain crowns, white filling restorations were added to recreate the tooth substance that had been lost.


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QouteMy experience with Rory has been great. Each appointment has been easy and painless and I have been treated with kindness every time. I was made to feel completely at ease throughout which really helped, as I was very nervous about getting the implants done in the first place. I now feel so confident when I smile and love the fact that I don't have to worry about people looking at my teeth.Qoute

Case 6

This patient presented with a discoloured lateral incisor that had a failed restoration present on it. During the consultation, it transpired that she was also unhappy with the excessive amount of gum present in her smile. In addition, the patient was unhappy with the black triangle present between her front teeth. The gum was re-contoured to a higher level, whilst the gum was pulled down between the central incisors to fill the black triangle. Finally, a white filling veneer was placed to mask the underlying discolouration of the lateral incisor.

Case 7

This patient was unhappy with the discolouration and ragged appearance of her front teeth. The crowned tooth was replaced with a porcelain crown and the chipped tooth was covered with a white filling veneer. The result is a huge improvement in the incisal aesthetics.