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Multiple Implants

Case 1

This was a complex case that needed a mixture of disciplines to provide the finished result. Firstly, the gums were repositioned to provide a less 'gummy' smile. The bite was re-organised to remove the very tight bite and give more space for restorations. Finally, implants were placed at the front in conjunction with new crowns and veneers to give a very striking finish.

Case 2

This was a hugely complicated case that required a great deal of preparation before any treatment was carried out. A number of teeth were removed, the bite rebuilt with crowns, veneers and 8 implants. The teeth were restored to look like they were teeth of a man in his 60s.

Case 3

This patient presented in a very bad way. All his back teeth had been lost and the front teeth were badly decayed. The decayed teeth were removed and implants placed immediately. These were restored with an implant bridge to provide a definitive bite and a huge improvement in his aesthetics.

Case 4

This patient presented with retained baby teeth in the front of her smile. The gaps were filled in with implants to provide a seamless restoration of her smile.