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Porcelain Veneers

Case 1

This patient had a lot of wear on his teeth especially on the left side. This was primarily due to premolar teeth being removed when he was younger. As it stood there was no room to provide any restorations on his front teeth, other than crowning every tooth in his mouth. This was not an option for financial reasons. Instead, the bite was changed by using a special appliance that pushed the upper/lower front teeth into their sockets, whilst the back teeth over-erupted. This created enough space for six porcelain veneers and one crown to be provided. A super aesthetic result was achieved.

Case 2

This patient was concerned about the narrowness of her smile. On examination, it was discovered that her lower jaw was slightly wider than her upper jaw. In order to broaden her smile, it was necessary to change her bite. This allowed us to place extremely conservative porcelain veneers that allowed us to significantly improve her tooth visibility.

Case 3

This patient had worn down her lower front teeth due to the presence of upper porcelain crowns that have a very abrasive nature. She had white filling veneers placed that were not durable enough and had worn down. The bite was rejigged and new porcelain veneers were placed to provide longer teeth in a new bite, resulting in a superb overall finish.


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QouteI attended with Rory for 18 months approximately. I had extensive treatment including implants, crowns and veneers.

Rory is an absolute expert in his field. His task with me was quite intricate as I had a grinding problem also. He was also a perfect gentleman. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends.Qoute

Case 4

This patient was unhappy with his porcelain veneers. He though they were very matt and uncharacteristic. They were replaced with porcelain veneers that had better colour characterisation and surface anatomical features providing a very lifelike result.