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Single Implants

Case 1

This patient lost his lateral incisor to gum disease. An implant was placed to prevent any further bone loss. This was restored at the same time as the other incisors with porcelain crowns. The crowns were restored to make them appear aged, with porcelain cracks visible in all the crowns

Case 2

This patient had his tooth broken playing football. The fractured portion was removed and an implant placed immediately. This was left to heal for a few months and a porcelain post and crown were placed to restore this patient back to normal.

Case 3

The upper right canine was removed as the tooth was restored with a post-crown that had fractured. This was removed and an implant placed immediately. Following a period of healing the implant was restored with a porcelain crown.

Case 4

A single implant was placed to restore the aesthetics of this patient's smile. The patient was able to top wearing her denture and was extremely happy with the result.

Case 5

This patient had lost a back tooth recently and found it difficult to chew on the right side. He wished to have an implant placed to allow effective mastication. This was restored to appear like an old tooth that was discoloured and stained.