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This patient with a huge amount of gum recession on her upper and lower teeth. There were a number of reasons for this, the most important being that the patient was genetically predisposed to thin gums. Over the years the patients gums had been getting progressively worse and the patient needed a solution. The upper and lower gums were grafted using a material called Alloderm. The results have provided extra gum bulk and also allowed us to reposition the teeth back to where they originally were. In addition, we have also built up all the teeth with white filling material, as she had suffering from dental erosion over the years.


Case 3 Composite Veneers

Case 2.

This patient was unhappy with the crowded appearance of her lower incisors, She did not want to spend the time getting orthodontic treatment and wanted a quick fix. Due to the conservative nature of white filling material and the fact that no tooth sensitivity occurs post-treatment, it was decided to place white filling veneers. The veneers provide a seamless and aesthetic result.


Veneers Case 2

Case 3.

This was a simple case that provided a very attractive result that changed the aesthetics of this patients smile considerably. This patient had a gap between her front teeth that had always bothered her. White filling material was added too both her upper central incisors that filled the gap, but also increased the proportionality resulting in a beautiful result.


Veneers Case 3


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