White fillings in Belfast

This patient had aesthetic treatment carried out on his top jaw and as a result he became more aesthetically aware. He decided that he wanted his lower amalgam fillings removed. These were replaced with white fillings and the natural anatomy and function were restored. In addition, the biting surfaces were stained to provide a very authentic appearance.

Case 1 White Fill

Case 2

This patient did not like the appearance of her black fillings and wanted them replaced with white fillings. The amalgams were removed and white filling material was placed to restore the natural anatomy and function of these teeth. The final result is utterly seamless.

Case 2 Fillings

Case 3

This patient was unhappy with the gaps in his teeth, but he did not want to carry out any irreversible treatment on his teeth. Consequently, white filling material was added to fill in the gaps. This was an extremely conservative intervention resulting in maximum aesthetics.

Case 3 Fillings


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