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Patients don't need to tolerate gaps in their smile or ill-fitting dentures. The idea of wearing loose dentures is as old as 19th century inventions. With Blue Sky Dentistry, we'll bring you innovative solutions for your oral health concerns: dental implants in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Dental implants offer a cost-effective solution to fill gaps between teeth, anchor ill-fitting dentures, stabilise fixed and permanent bridges, and restore the beauty of your smile. We present different options to suit your condition, from single to multiple implants.

Click-Fit Implants for Dentures

These help anchor your dentures to prevent them from slipping off. With Click-Fit implants, you can enjoy eating anything you like, even that mouth- watering steak!

Advanced Implant Options

We offer advanced implant dentistry for long-term results. These feel and function like your original teeth. With these implants, you'll feel more confident whenever you smile.

Teeth in a Day

Need to replace your dentures but don't have the time? Our Teeth in a Day option is the best solution for your dental concern. The procedure allows you to have dental implants and bridges fixed in just one visit. You can come in the office and leave with a new smile three hours later!

Fixed and Permanent Bridge Solution

If you need to have six or more teeth replaced, our fixed and permanent implant solution may be suitable for your case. This offers long-term stability, as more implants provide support for your teeth restoration.

Bring Out the Best in Your Smile with Implants

This patient suffered from different oral problems related to gum disease. As a solution, the dentist removed over 20 teeth and replaced them with 14 implants on both the top and bottom. For the teeth replacement, the dentist fabricated and cemented fixed bridges. While the restorations are new, they were aged to appear as if they belonged to a man in his mid-fifties—the teeth still maintained their aesthetic quality. The final restorations provide much better-looking and functional teeth than before, and the patient could not have been any happier and satisfied with the result.

No longer is it acceptable for patients to have to tolerate spaces in their smile, or a loose, moving, uncomfortable denture. The idea for dentures originated in the 19th century and is far from ideal in long-term cases. Let us provide you with the 21st century equivalent, which are to use dental implants to fill spaces, to anchor and stabilise your removable dentures and finally to provide you with fixed and permanent bridges, that provide you with a better smile than you ever had before.

There are a number of different options, including single, multiple implants to restore one tooth or multiple teeth. There are our Click-Fit implant dentures. These will provide you with highly cosmetic dentures that are anchored rigidly. This will allow you to once again enjoy eating anything you like, including steak.

There are also our advanced implant options that can provide you with the closest thing to your own teeth. In certain instances, these solutions will be even better than your own teeth.

You can avail of our revolutionary Teeth in a Day option, which allows you to come in and have your remaining teeth gently removed, 4 or more dental implants placed and a fixed, permanent bridge screwed in immediately. This is a stunning treatment, as the patient comes in and 3 hours later they leave with a highly cosmetic, comfortable and functional result.

The final implant option, allows us to place a number of implants, normally 6 or more, and place a fixed and permanent bridge solution. This option provides even more long-term stability, as more implants are supporting your implant restoration.

Implants Restore Confidence In Your Smile
Teeth Replacement Belfast

This patient presented with a lot of problems relating to gum disease. The decision was taken to remove over twenty teeth and place 14 implants top and bottom. Fixed bridges were fabricated and cemented in. The teeth were aged to appear like they belonged to a man in his mid fifties, but not taking away from the aesthetics. The final restorations provide a stunning result, and the patient could not have been any happier with his final result.

Dental Implants Increase Lifestyle Benefits
Natural Looking Teeth

This patient has gum disease and she had been noticing the gaps developing between her front teeth. She decided that she needed to get the problem fixed decisively. After consultation it was decided that the teeth would be removed, seven implants were then placed immediately. It was important that the final restoration matched the patient's existing lower teeth, and the bridge was constructed to replicate the situation in the bottom jaw i.e. gum recession. The porcelain was stained yellow/brown to simulate exposed dentine. The final result is an entirely realistic replication.

Same Day Solutions To Long Term Problems
Missing Teeth

This patient was unhappy with the condition of her lower teeth and was unwilling to wear a lower denture. It was discussed that the lower teeth. roots would be removed, implants placed immediately and a fixed bridge placed immediately. The treatment time was 3 hours to achieve this. After a period of healing, a new bridge was placed on the lower jaw, with a new denture provided on the top.