Recapture your youth with teeth whitening in Belfast

Remember, a long, long time ago, when you were a teenager and your teeth had rounded corners and were a lovely pearly white colour? It’s hard to recall how great they looked before 10,000 cups of tea and coffee, compounded by all those great dinners washed down by a good Lambec. Ah well, nothing you can do about it now, is there? Oh yes there is, you can get the colour of your teenage teeth back with teeth whitening in Belfast.

Teeth Whitening in BelfastNot only does teeth whitening in Belfast make your teeth look young and fresh again, but it lends a youthful air to the rest of your face. If you want to recapture some of your youth, teeth whitening with us at Blue Sky Dentistry is the place to start. If you don’t believe it, check out some faces in the crowds around you. Who looks younger and healthier? And how do they get their teeth whitened? It’s easy. You can do it one of 2 ways, both of which have advantages.

Quick and easy

You can get your teeth whitened in around an hour if you have it done in the clinic at Blue Sky Dentistry. You lie back in the chair and chill out, while we protect your gums and lips with barriers made of plastic. Once they are in place, we paint your teeth with a gel containing a fairly concentrated dose of hydrogen peroxide. Beaming a UV light onto it kicks the whitening gel into action and the hydrogen peroxide lifts the traces of old wine and more out of your tooth enamel. We stop when your teeth have reached the shade of white you chose and off you go back to your life with a big smile on your face.

Slow and subtle

It takes a couple of weeks to reach the same shade of white when you do teeth whitening at home with bespoke gel trays and a milder concentration of gel. You wear the gel-filled trays for a short period every day to achieve this.

Keeping up appearances

Teeth whitening needs to be topped-up. So, you either need to come in for more treatments or buy more gel to top-up your bespoke trays.

It all starts with your smile…and cosmetic dentistry in Belfast

When it comes to human interactions, everything starts with your smile. You can spend all the money you like on fancy handbags, cars, footwear and hair, if your smile isn’t open, warm and friendly then you are still on the starting blocks after that first meeting. People may admire the slick shoes, the perfect tan and the gel nails, but what they will remember you by, for good or for bad, is your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BelfastIt hardly seems fair, does it? But smiles were chosen as our most important method of communication thousands of years before we decided to also start communicating with our clothing and body decorations. Still today, we are all hardwired to notice if yours is a big, fat grin that crinkles up your eyes or a tight-lipped smile or even worse, one hidden by your hand. Give people those smiles and they will tend to assume you are unfriendly and they will be unfriendly back. Give them a big friendly beam and they will open doors both physical and metaphorical for you and your path through life will become somehow smoother.

If your reaction to this information is along the lines of ‘But my smile is awful’, then here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we can help you change that with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.

Drs Rory and Joe McEnhill have won lots of awards their work with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast, and they can help you transform your smile into the one you always wished you could have. Creating a great smile is as much an art as it is a science. It’s about having the knowledge and an eye for what makes a great smile (it’s to do with harmonising the teeth with the mouth and the face) as well as the skills to make it happen. It’s harder than it sounds, which is why it can be informative to have a look on the net at cosmetic dentistry gone wrong. Ours won’t, by the way.

To find out how the team at Blue Sky Dentistry can help you get an award-winning smile, book a consultation.

Effective and comfortable replacement teeth

One of the big bugbears of having to have replacement teeth was always that they didn’t fit very well and they weren’t comfortable. Imagine having to wear dentures made out of dead soldiers’ teeth set in wood. Ow. Of course, replacement teeth in the 20th century got a lot better and used materials such as acrylics and porcelains, but even if they fitted well to start with, dentures became looser, and this is still a problem today.

Dental Implants in Northern IrelandIt’s got nothing to do with badly made dentures, but to do with the fact that dentures (and fixed bridgework) cannot replace tooth roots. Without tooth roots sending down vibrations from the teeth coming into contact with each other during talking and eating, the jawbone does not regenerate. In fact, it actively dissolves itself to use the nutrients elsewhere in the body, and the jawbone shrinks away under the dentures, which have less and less width to adhere to.

Dental implants in Northern Ireland

However, there is a way to replace tooth roots and that is with dental implants in Northern Ireland. Implants are little tapered posts or screws that your implant surgeon here at Blue Sky Dentistry inserts into carefully created artificial sockets in your jawbone. The implants are made of titanium, a metal that is so biocompatible that the bone grows new tissue all over it, and thus holds the implants securely in place. New bone tissue and that which is already there being stimulated to renew itself adds up to a healthy strong jaw for you, holding your teeth in place and your face, which can tend to collapse inwards with jawbone loss.

What do you need your dental implants in Northern Ireland to do?

Whether you need to replace just one tooth, or several, or the whole lot, here at Blue Sky Dentistry we can use dental implants to do so. We have various techniques to give you implants, even if other dentists have told you can’t support them. We can even use dental implants to support loose dentures, giving you the best of both worlds. So if you’ve experienced tooth loss, book an implant consultation with us to get your oral function back to full health.

Get the right look for autumn

So, here we are at the turn of fashion season again. You are about to go out and spend a whole bunch of money on a new look, knowing full well that come this time next year, it will be an old look and you will have to go out and spend a whole bunch more money on looking good. Have you ever thought of spending your hard-earned cash on a look that will never go out of fashion and investing your pounds in teeth whitening in Northern Ireland?

Teeth Whitening in Northern IrelandThis is the perfect time of year to get teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. Your tan has pretty much disappeared, and you are about to have to get through long months of dark days. What better way to brighten up your look than with teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, you can choose between the quick, dramatic whitening session or the slow, subtle whitening treatment. Whichever you go for, you get to choose the shade of white you want your teeth to be. Here’s how it works:

Slow and subtle

We make you a set of gel trays that fit your teeth precisely. At home, you fill the trays with our mild whitening gel and pop them on over your teeth. You wear the gel-filled trays for a short period every day and over the next 2-3 weeks, you will see your teeth gradually become the shade of white you desire.

Quick and amazing

If you’d rather go for a speedy whitening then you can come into the Blue Sky Dentistry clinic and we will do the whitening for you while you relax. After we have protected your gums and lips with a plastic barrier, we paint a stronger whitening gel onto your teeth. Once it has been activated by a UV light, the gel takes about an hour to whiten your teeth.


Teeth whitening is not permanent, but you can make it last longer by brushing your teeth after every meal and avoiding foods and drinks that stain, such as tea, coffee, red wine and berries. If you have gel trays, you can top up the whitening yourself at home.

Changing faces with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland

You may have beautiful eyes, creamy Irish skin, lustrous hair, and luscious lips, but all that can count for nothing if you aren’t happy with your teeth. Teeth are one of the top things that people remember about you when they meet you for the first time, so make sure yours are remembered for the right reasons with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern IrelandCosmetic dentistry treatments with us at Blue Sky Dentistry can change the size, shape, colour and alignment of your teeth, so there’s no reason for them not to look their best. This is doubly so because when you come to us for cosmetic dental treatments, you will be in the safe and artistic hands of our award-winning cosmetic dentists, Dr Rory McEnhill and Dr Joe McEnhill, both of whom have been recognised by the dental industry for their cosmetic dentistry skills.

White fillings

Dark, glinty amalgam fillings don’t look good. You can replace them with white fillings made of white composite. Composite fillings are even stronger and more durable than amalgam. They can also be sculpted so that you get your chewing surfaces back on molars.


One of the most versatile of all treatments with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, is veneers. These are thin sheaths made of dental porcelain that are made to cover the fronts of the teeth. We use them to cover over all manner of imperfections. Got gaps between your teeth? Veneers can fill them in. Got mild twists? Veneers can make your teeth look straight? Dodgy coloured teeth that won’t come clean with whitening? Veneers. Cracks? Chips? Worn edges? Veneers. We can fit veneers in just 2 appointments. During the first we take impressions and prepare your teeth. During the second, we attach the veneers, first removing a very thin layer of enamel to make sure they lie flush with the rest of your teeth and to give the adhesive something to bond to. We can also use composite bonding to cover imperfections. This uses composite resin, like that used for white fillings, which is put on as a paste and then sculped in situ.

Come in and find out what cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland can do for your smile.

Versatile dental implants in Northern Ireland

Dental implants have been available for more than 30 years now and as time has gone on, dentists have been finding more and more ways to make them more available. If you were refused dental implants in Northern Ireland a decade ago, chances are that now you would not be because dental researchers have found a way to solve the problem that prevented you from having dental implants.

Dental Implants in Northern IrelandWhat is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a small titanium tapered post or screw. It replaces lost tooth roots and is inserted into the jawbone in specially created ‘sockets’. Over the next few weeks, the implant fuses with the jawbone which grows new tissue all over it. By the time this process is complete, the implant is as securely bedded in the jawbone as a natural tooth root. Teeth supported by dental implants can withstand as much chewing force as natural teeth, and they won’t wobble around. They also last for a long time, at least 15 years, usually for decades. This is what makes dental implants so popular.

The jawbone is key

You need to have a good jawbone to have dental implants in Northern Ireland. It needs to be dense and strong enough to withstand all that chewing. This is the main reason that people used to get turned down for dental implants, but now there are ways to resolve the issue of a deteriorating jawbone. At Blue Sky Dentistry, we can do a bone graft by adding some of your own bone tissue, or bone from another source. We put it into the jawbone and leave it to integrate. We can do this on either jaw, but if your upper jaw has lost density, we can also put in extra-long implants that go through the jaw to anchor into the dense cheekbone above it.

Other clever things

Did you know that we can put up to 3 crowns on one dental implant? This means that we have ways to use only 4-6 implants to secure a whole arch of teeth? We can also use them to stabilise loose dentures.

Why go whiter?

Have you noticed how so many people seem to have wonderful white smiles these days? How is yours looking? Is it a thing of beauty that you use all the time, or is it a bit yellow and grim to look at, and therefore something you’d prefer to keep locked away behind your tightly closed lips when you smile?

Don’t be a pursed-mouth smiler. It doesn’t do anyone any favours. Closed mouth smiles never reach the eyes, so even if you are feeling warm and friendly, your smile is going to fail to convey that message. If your teeth are a bit on the grim side colour-wise then come to us at Blue Sky Dentistry, and we can remove surface staining using teeth whitening in Northern Ireland.

Teeth Whitening in Northern IrelandTeeth whitening in Northern Ireland removes stains from highly pigmented foods and drinks such as coffee, berries, red wine, even tomatoes. Traces get left behind and sink down into the pores of your tooth enamel, where not even a good clean from the hygienist can budge them. Teeth whitening uses hydrogen peroxide, a centuries old whitener and disinfectant, to gently lift stains out of your enamel. There are 2 ways to get Blue Sky Dentistry’s teeth whitening in Northern Ireland from.


Come in and let us take impressions of your teeth so that we can make up gel trays that fit your teeth exactly. Take them home along with a mild whitening gel. Squeeze some whitener into the trays and pop them on over your teeth. You need to do this for a short period every day for 2-3 weeks until you have achieved the shade of white you are after.


If all of that sounds like too much hassle, or you are in a rush and need to get your teeth whitened for a special event that is imminent, you can also get your teeth whitened in the Blue Sky Dentistry clinic. Come in and get comfy in the dentist’s chair. We will put plastic barriers into your mouth to protect your lips and gums. Relax as we paint your teeth with a stronger whitening gel that will take 60-90 minutes to whiten your teeth to your desired shade.

Ways to get better teeth

If your teeth are in sound health, you can start to build on their condition to make them look as good as they are robust with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.

Unfortunately, healthy teeth are not always beautiful teeth. Sometimes they have become discoloured, or have sustained some kind of damage or didn’t quite come thoroughly correctly. Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast with us at Blue Sky Dentistry can help you correct any problems your teeth have with their size, shape, colour or alignment.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BelfastCosmetic dentistry in Belfast is different from general dentistry. It is concerned with making people’s smiles look wonderful and so a good cosmetic dentist is as much an artist as they are a dentist. The beauty of a good smile has to obey certain rules to do with harmony and symmetry and a good cosmetic dentist knows how to achieve this, for, just as much as you can get cosmetic surgery horror stories, so you can get cosmetic dentistry that doesn’t look right. Check them out online.

Our cosmetic dentists at Blue Sky Dentistry have won awards for their work. They understand the ins and outs of how to make a smile look really great and they also have the technical skills to achieve this.


Teeth get stained from tea, coffee, red wine, berries and other highly pigmented foods and drinks, as well as tobacco. Teeth whitening is one way to remove these surface stains, and if your stains will not respond to whitening, we can cover them over with veneers or cosmetic bonding.


Lots of people get chips and cracks in their teeth as they go through life. Teeth also get worn down and some have gaps between them. Veneers and composite bonding are 2 methods used to cover over such imperfections and both can be colour matched to the surrounding teeth. These treatments take a couple of appointments and last for years, if well looked after.


Sometimes gums come down too far over the teeth, making them look shorter than they really are. Gummy smiles can be brought into harmony with laser treatment that seals as it cuts away excessive gum tissue, so there is very little bleeding.

Getting teeth that work properly and look great

If you have lost something that you need to use every day, ideally you want to replace it with something that is going to do the job just as well as the thing you have lost. Say you need to get a new car, you’re not going to bother with one that can only go at 30mph tops, when you should easily be able to get 90mph out of it. Similarly, you wouldn’t buy a replacement washing machine that only got your clothes a quarter as clean as your last one.

Dental Implants in BelfastSo, why would you get replacement teeth with only a quarter of the chewing power? Or teeth that mean ruining other perfectly good teeth in order to get them to work? It’s a bit bonkers really. Once we had no choice but to offer you replacement teeth like this. Of course, you can still get dentures and fixed bridges, and some people have to have them for medical reasons, but if you can possibly avoid them and get dental implants in Belfast, why wouldn’t you?

Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we think that if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants in Belfast, then you should seriously consider having them fitted and not be put off by the cost. Yes, they are more expensive, but they also last a whole lot longer.

Your dental implants in Belfast will be around for at least 15 years, but it’s more likely that if you look after them well (which is easy to do) then you can expect your implants to be around for decades, and maybe for as long as you are. Dentures and bridges, on the other hand, wear out after only a few years and need to be replaced, so, over time, the difference in outlay between these older forms of tooth replacement and dental implants in Belfast becomes more equitable.

Also, dental implants in Belfast are the only method of tooth replacement that also looks after the health of your jawbone, giving it the stimulation it needs to keep renewing the bone cells. With the other methods, the jawbone melts away, leaving you pointy chinned and with a face collapsing in on itself.

Getting the whites right with teeth whitening in Belfast

What is it about white teeth that makes everyone want to have theirs whitened? Let us tell you. White teeth give off a secret signal that people respond to, but most don’t understand why. Knowing that they look nicer is not the same as knowing why white teeth are more attractive.

Teeth Whitening in BelfastHere at Blue Sky Dentistry, we know that the reason so many of our patients want to get teeth whitening in Belfast is because white teeth send out signals of youth and health. Next time you go out, look at the teeth around you, as you do so, have a think about how you respond to those teeth. Do some make you feel quite good and others maybe even a little bit revolted? What do the horrid ones look like? If they are discoloured, and that makes you want to recoil a bit it’s because thousands of years ago, we evolved to see discoloured teeth as a sign of ill health, and we’d keep away from that person. Even now, you probably wouldn’t want to kiss someone who has stained teeth. But would people want to kiss you? If you think they might not, then even if you are not in the market for kisses, you might want to get teeth whitening in Belfast so that you are more attractive on a subliminal level (which is where all the important decisions get made).

Teeth whitening removes surfaces stains caused by tiny traces of pigment that have worked their way into the pores of your tooth enamel. The stains could be from tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, berries, even some medications. Brushing won’t budge them, and neither will a deep clean from the hygienist.

How teeth whitening in Belfast works

You can either get whitening done here at Blue Sky Dentistry, which takes about an hour, or you can do it yourself at home. This takes a couple of weeks because the whitening gel is less concentrated. But on the plus side, you do it by putting whitening gel into custom-made trays, and you can use the trays to top up your whitening anytime.