Are you considering dental implants in Belfast?

When you find yourself with a gap in your smile, it can be hard to swallow. Do you try and embrace the gap, and accept that there are some tough chewy foods you’ll just have to say no to? Do you consider your options, such as dentures? All you really want is to re-wind time and do your best to stop your tooth/ teeth from falling out in the first place.

Dental Implants in BelfastWe at Blue Sky Dentistry are here to help. Unfortunately, we still haven’t learnt how to turn back time. What we can suggest, is going for dental implants in Belfast.  Dental implants are known for their long-term benefits, which stem from the fact that they closely mimic the natural tooth.

What are the benefits of dental implants in Belfast?

First and foremost, dental implants significantly improve the look of your smile. This is what often most appeals to people about going for treatment. People will be able to smile freely and confidently with a mouthful of teeth.

Besides this, the teeth are meant to work as a team, and each one exists for a reason. When they are restored, they will function better as a set, allowing you to chew and digest foods properly, as well as making the teeth easier to clean and floss from day to day.

Though it doesn’t feel like it, our teeth can constantly change. If a gap is left for too long, the surrounding teeth are at risk of moving into the space. This can cause long term problems of misalignment, which will become more expensive and a bigger mission to fix.

Furthermore, the gap itself can cause a ‘sunken look’ in the jaw, so restored teeth will help prevent this as well as give you back your toothy grin.

Why dental implants?

One of the benefits of dental implants over alternatives such as dentures is that they feel much like the natural teeth, and therefore don’t cause any unusual sensations. Dentures can sometimes be uncomfortable in the mouth if they don’t fit properly or are worn for long periods of time. Dentures can also sometimes affect your speech. Dental implants don’t rely on the surrounding teeth to support the new teeth.

Stain removing is easy with teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

Do you love a good cuppa when you get home from work? Do you need a strong coffee on your way in of a morning? And, when you sit down for a good evening meal is that a glass of red in your hand? If you are partial to all of the above, or if you smoke or eat berries, then you are going to be facing a level of surface staining on your teeth that brushing alone might not be able to shift. If your teeth are still stained even after a deep clean with the hygienist then you need teeth whitening in Northern Ireland from us at Blue Sky Dentistry.

Teeth Whitening in Northern IrelandHow teeth whitening in Northern Ireland works

The active ingredient in teeth whitening gels is hydrogen peroxide. It gets down into the pores of your tooth enamel, where the stains are lurking, and gently lifts them out. The stronger the concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gel, the quicker the staining is removed. We have 2 ways of whitening your teeth here at Blue Sky Dentistry. The first is done in the clinic, the second at home. With both, you can choose what shade of white you want to go to.

In-clinic whitening

We protect your gums and lips with a plastic barrier before painting whitening gel onto your teeth. You lie back and we turn on a UV lamp that activates the gel. After about an hour, your teeth will have been whitened to your desired shade.

At-home whitening

We make you a set of bespoke gel trays from impressions of your teeth. You take them home along with a less concentrated gel. You put the gel in the trays and wear them for a short period every day for a couple of weeks. This way may take longer and require discipline, but when you think your teeth need another whitening, you just need to buy some more gel to top-up your treatment.

Not on veneers

Whitening does not work on dental porcelain, so you can’t get it done if you have veneers, cosmetic bonding, crowns or dental implants.

A cracking smile with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast

Just because you have got strong, healthy teeth, it does not necessarily follow that you have a smile that you feel does you credit. Back in the day, that wouldn’t have mattered but here we are in 2018 and every year that passes having a great smile becomes increasingly important.

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast has never been more available and here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we combine great dental skills with an artistic eye to bring you treatments to transform your smile into a thing of natural wonder.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BelfastWhite teeth

When it comes to tooth colour, white is what you are after. White says ‘I am young and I am healthy’, and so if you are young and healthy then your teeth need to reflect this, and if you are not so young and would like to look younger then teeth whitening is part of your armoury of ways to give yourself a more youthful look. Teeth whitening can be done either here at the clinic or at home. We can also make your teeth look better by replacing dark amalgam fillings with white ones.

Straight teeth

Wonky teeth can be straightened out with cosmetic braces. We have different braces to suit different needs and lifestyles. Some are cemented onto your teeth. Others are removable. All are far more discreet and attractive than the clunky metal braces of old. Depending on what your issues are, getting your teeth straightened could take only a few weeks.

Gummy smiles

If you feel like you have got too much gum on display when you smile, we can fix that in one of two ways. If your upper lip pulls up when you smile, we can work on the muscle that is causing this problem. If your gums come down too far over your teeth, we can remove excess tissue with a laser that seals as it cuts and so produces very little bleeding.

Smile makeovers

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can be used as a package called a smile makeover, which combines two or more treatments to really transform your look. Why not come in for a chat to find out how we can help you get that cracking smile.

Keep that youthful look with dental implants in Belfast

What do you associate with old age, looks-wise? Is it thinning hair? Brown spots on the skin? Perhaps it’s a creaky walk, or arthritic finger joints? How about a chin that seems to have started pointing upwards to reach the nose? You know, like witches always have? Ah, but that last one’s not due to old age, it’s due to lack of teeth, and it starts to happen as soon as you start to lose your teeth.

Dental Implants in BelfastSay you are in an accident in your early 20s, maybe in a car, on a bicycle, or mountain biking, or skateboarding, and you lose a bunch of teeth. You are faced with a choice of 3 ways to replace them: partial dentures, fixed bridgework or dental implants in Belfast.

The difference between the first 2 methods and the last is that only dental implants in Belfast replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown.

Why you need tooth roots

It seems a bit like a dumb question: but what do tooth roots actually do? “Doh!”, we hear you say. “They keep your teeth in place.”

Yes, that’s exactly what they do. Like tree roots, tooth roots are embedded into your jawbone to hold your teeth still so that you can chew your food into a paste and swallow it.

But at Blue Sky Dentistry, we also know that tooth roots perform another vital function: they keep your jawbone healthy.

Secret signalling

Not many people know that tooth roots are also messengers. Every time your teeth bite against each other, those little impacts send vibrations down into the socket in the jawbone. Each vibration, and there are hundreds every day, tells the bone cells around the socket that the bone needs to stay big and strong because there’s eating going on here. Lose a tooth and the vibrations around the socket stop. The bone interprets the lack of signal to mean it’s no longer needed and it starts to dissolve itself, losing up to 25% of its size and density in one year alone.

Dental implants in Belfast stop that happening so you don’t end up looking like a witch, which can only be a good thing, no?

Flash those teeth with teeth whitening in Belfast

Grinning a big fat grin is more fun if you know that the teeth you are grinning with look really good. If you are an average kind of person then no doubt you enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee and a few glasses of red wine. Or maybe you have got into eating a lot of berries, now that they are so easy to find in the supermarkets. All of these things and also tobacco and some medications can stain your teeth. You may not notice it but after a while, your grin may not be so appealing.

Teeth Whitening in BelfastThe good news is that at Blue Sky Dentistry getting rid of surface stains is easy with teeth whitening in Belfast. The stains are easily lifted out with whitening gels that use hydrogen peroxide, a centuries old way of getting rid of stains.

Better at the dentist

Whitening gels come in various different strengths and the ones you can get from us at Blue Sky Dentistry are more concentrated than the gels in the kits that you can buy over the counter or online. We have 2 ways of whitening your teeth and each uses a different strength of gel.

In-clinic teeth whitening in Belfast

Because you come to us for this treatment, and the dentist carries it out, it uses a stronger concentration of hydrogen peroxide that takes about an hour to whiten your teeth by several shades. You can even pick what shade you’d like your teeth to be. You lie back and think lovely thoughts while we protect your lips and gums with a plastic barrier before painting the whitening gel on your teeth. The gel is activated by a UV lamp and before you know it, your teeth are stain-free and looking lovely.

At-home teeth whitening in Belfast

If you’d like to go for a more discreet form of whitening your teeth, you can carry out the treatment yourself at home. For this, you get a kit containing bespoke gel trays that fit your teeth exactly and a slightly weaker gel that takes a couple of weeks to work.

How you can improve your smile by visiting a cosmetic dentist

From veneers to a simple whitening treatment, having an enhanced smile just feels great. Your smile is one of the most important assets in your body language repertoire. Having misaligned, stained or damaged teeth affects how you come across to other people. Depending on the severity of your tooth problems, they can also affect your eating, talking or oral hygiene. If you are experiencing problems with your teeth, cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can help you.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BelfastSo what do cosmetic dentists do exactly?

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast at Blue Sky Dentistry clinic can help to restore the look and functionality of your teeth with a range of different techniques. Sometimes, all our patients want is a tooth whitening treatment to add that little extra special touch to their smile. Other patients find great benefit in many aspects of their life when they have their broken or chipped teeth restored. The way to find out how cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can help your individual needs is to visit us at Blue Sky Dentistry clinic. Our friendly staff will be able to give you advice on the type of treatments you need to get your smile looking great.

Here are some of the things your cosmetic dentist can do:

Tooth replacement

Whether you have one missing tooth, or a mouthful, our cosmetic dentists can restore missing teeth with natural-looking dental implants, crowns or bridges.

Teeth whitening

Professional teeth whitening is the safer and more effective option when compared to other whitening options on the market. Many teeth whitening kits you can buy online are either unsafe, ineffective, or both.

Tooth reshaping

Are your teeth not the shape you would like them to be? Perhaps they look too worn down. Our cosmetic dentists can use porcelain veneers among other techniques to shape your teeth the way you want.

Restore damaged teeth

Years of wear and tear can end up showing in cracks, chips, or staining. Cosmetic dentists can use techniques like bonding, veneers or crowns to restore the look of your teeth.

Teeth straightening

We offer a range of modern teeth straightening options. Give us a call to find out more.

Your teeth are important and worthy of replacing

Teeth are essential to the balance of the mouth and play an important role in our lives. It’s easy to take teeth for granted when they show up for work every day. Usually, it’s not until one goes missing in action that we realise just how important they are, especially when it’s one of those ‘social six’ front teeth. With teeth missing, it can be difficult to break food into manageable pieces, difficult to talk properly, difficult to keep a straight face when people look shocked at your gappy smile; it is after all one of the first things people see. When teeth fail, Blue Sky Dentistry is here to save the day with dental implants in Northern Ireland.

Dental Implants in Northern IrelandGet your whole tooth replaced, root and all

Dental implants in Northern Ireland are the only way to get a whole tooth, including the root, replaced. Bridges or dentures only replace the top of the tooth, not the root. They are superficial, sitting on top of the gum and need special cleaning routines. In the case of a bridge, they can cause unnecessary damage to neighbouring teeth, which need to be ground down to attach the bridge. Not dental implants.

Dental implants in Northern Ireland give you a new tooth top and a new tooth root. The root is made of titanium and fitted into your jawbone. This whole tooth restoration will give you a natural feeling, natural looking, secure tooth that is strong and manageable. Clean it and care for it just like a normal tooth. Your other teeth are unaffected when you get dental implants in Northern Ireland. Instead they are protected from slipping into the hole that would be left behind if you didn’t get the tooth replaced. Plus, you get to make sure your jawbone is in tip top condition, getting your replacement titanium tooth root means your bone cells will think there is a natural tooth in there. In turn this will make sure your jawbone stays strong and dense instead of beginning to deteriorate. Yes, that can happen when teeth go missing.

To find out more about dental implants in Northern Ireland, give us a call today.

The dangers of over-the-counter teeth whitening

Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer professional teeth whitening. Our power teeth whitening procedure will whiten your teeth by a few shades in around an hour. We use high quality, tried and tested products for teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. Some teeth whitening products out there on the market or online can be dangerous. It is all too easy for people to pick up low-cost, low-quality products to use at home for teeth whitening. Of course they are advertised as working well or being safe but statistics show us that this information can too often be misleading. If you are considering teeth whitening in Northern Ireland, please take our advice and steer clear of anything less than a professional teeth whitening treatment.

Teeth Whitening in Northern IrelandWhat can go wrong with teeth whitening?

Before you grab a do–it–yourself teeth whitening kit online, have a think about just how dramatically these products could affect your life. Here’s a list of the things that can happen:

Tooth sensitivity

Increased sensitivity can make it hard to eat or drink things that are hot or cold. If chemicals get into a cavity or crack that you didn’t know about, it can cause pain. In the worst case, this could lead to needing a root canal treatment.

Gum irritation

When products are too strong they can irritate or damage your gums. In bad cases this can lead to gum recession, which can later lead to tooth loss.

Uneven colour and enamel damage

Often people can be left with an uneven colour or white patches on their teeth with low quality teeth whitening products. If chemicals are too harsh, enamel can be damaged leaving patchy looking results. The damage can be irreversible leaving you with weak teeth prone to decay.

Sickness or infection

If chemicals to leak into your mouth, they can cause internal and external side-effects like sickness, internal complications or chemical burns which can leave your gums susceptible infection.

Always choose professional teeth whitening

Choosing professional teeth whitening in Northern Ireland can save you from these side effects and ultimately give you a brighter smile with no hassle. Call us to book your safe and professional power teeth whitening treatment today.

Improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry

It is becoming more and more common to improve smiles with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland. Teeth will age with us as we get older, normal wear and tear, staining and chips are a fact of life. For those who smoke or drink tea or coffee on a regular basis, staining is pretty much guaranteed. Other factors such as day-to-day accidents, contact sports and playing some musical instruments can change how our teeth look and function. In other cases, people’s genetics are letting them down. Misaligned teeth or weak teeth will need straightening or procedures such as veneers or implants to make them look better.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern IrelandKeeping spirits high

Having good-looking teeth is often linked to a higher self–esteem. Feeling comfortable in your smile and knowing that your teeth look good can do wonders for someone’s life. Psychologically, good teeth are important, particularly in this modern life. One thing good to know is that improving your teeth can also improve your dental health, so with cosmetic dentistry, you are not only getting a good-looking smile, but an improved oral health situation.

How about a smile makeover?

Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we can help you improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland. We have a wide range of treatments that can be used either on their own or in combination as part of a plan. No matter how many treatments you may need, we will be able to guide you through and make sure that each treatment happens at the right time.

Teeth whitening

Patients often complain about the colour of their teeth. Tooth discolouration is common and often inevitable. We have tried and tested teeth whitening treatments that can be done in our clinic or at home. The products we use are safe and will not damage your teeth like some other products available online or in beauty salons. It is always important to have a dental check-up to make sure you are a good candidate for teeth whitening to save damaging your teeth.

Get in touch

If you want to improve your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, contact us today to arrange an appointment.

Dental implant information you should know before your operation

We try to keep our teeth looking great and feeling healthy. Perhaps you never expect to need a dental implant because your oral hygiene is so good. However, accidents can happen at any time and often dental trauma leads to tooth loss. It is good to know the facts about tooth loss and how to treat it even if your teeth are in good condition.

Dental Implants in Northern IrelandMissing teeth can cause chaos in your mouth and to your life in general. A missing tooth can put other teeth around it in danger of moving, they can be prone to falling out too. Aside from this, having a missing tooth just feels bad, it can drastically change the appearance of your face. Nowadays, dentistry gives us the gift of dental implants to deal with tooth loss. Dental implants in Northern Ireland are replacement tooth roots with natural-looking tooth replacements fitted on top. They effectively treat tooth loss by providing a restoration that looks, feels and performs just like a natural tooth.

If you find yourself needing a dental implant, at Blue Sky Dentistry, we will make the process as comfortable and easy as possible for you. Dental implants require minor dental surgery that can be carried out in our practice in Northern Ireland. Dental implants can be fitted for one or more teeth in a single appointment. We will explain every step of the procedure to you and make sure you understand what is happening. The procedure itself is similar to having a large filling, it is not painful.

What are dental implants made from?

In Northern Ireland, dental implants are made from titanium with realistic tooth crowns fitted on top. The titanium is fitted into your jawbone, where it will bond with your bone. This is possible because titanium is compatible with the human body. Depending on the case, crowns may be attached to your dental implants at the same time as the surgery.

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We can help you to decide if dental implants are the right choice for you. If you would like more information on dental implants in Northern Ireland, give us a call today.