Best foot forward for 2019

Now we are in February, you may feel safe to congratulate yourself on sticking to your New Year resolutions and finally giving up smoking, reducing your red wine intake or quitting caffeine. Apart from the massive boost you’ve made to your health, you may now be looking at the consequences of a lifetime of smoking or drinking red wine or coffee on your teeth. It’s likely if you like one of the above, you’ve liked all three, so staining to your teeth will have changed your pearly whites into yellow ochre patterned antiques. So, what’s next? Have you considered cosmetic dentistry in Belfast as a solution?

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

What cosmetic dentistry in Belfast could offer you

One of the most obvious treatments is teeth whitening. This is a very simple procedure and highly cost effective, whilst providing great results. Surface staining of your teeth can be stripped back to pearly white within an hour for in-clinic treatment, or within several days with our home kit. At Blue Sky Dentistry, we make gel trays that fit your teeth exactly and will hold the whitening agent. With our in-clinic option, the gel tray containing the whitening agent is then fitted to your teeth, light is then applied, activating and accelerating the process. Home application takes a couple of weeks as the gel is weaker. Either way is perfectly safe and highly effective.

With deep staining due to medication or damage to the enamel, teeth whitening will not be inappropriate. Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can offer you a long-lasting solution however, that corrects staining as well as damage such as cracks, fissures or chips. Porcelain or resin veneers offer a great solution for damage to teeth. They are made from a thin layer of porcelain bonded to the teeth or fine layers of resin sculpted directly on the surface of your teeth. Whichever procedure is used, you will have a completely new façade that offers perfect, straight, white teeth with only a few visits to the dentist.

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can offer solutions to real cosmetic issues. If your teeth need a makeover, Blue Sky Dentistry has a range of options that can transform the way you look.

Mix and match – facial treatments and cosmetic dentistry in Belfast

When you have a fabulous dress, you want a special pair of shoes to go with it. When you go on a beautiful trip, it’s great to have a perfect food experience to enhance it. Some things in life go together and serve to complement one another to create something greater than the sum of the parts. That’s why, at Blue Sky Dentistry, we often help patients to pair treatments which work together to offer a stunning result.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

Our full range

Our menu of cosmetic dentistry in Belfast is extensive, but it’s not all that we offer. Your look comprises more than just your smile even though it is a central and key component. At our practice, we also offer a range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments that can complete your makeover and rejuvenate your appearance.

Deciding what you want

You may have an overall vision of how you want to look or have features that you definitely want to adjust but how do you go about achieving your goals? That’s where we come in at Blue Sky Dentistry. One of the services that we offer when you have cosmetic dentistry in Belfast with us is a no-obligation consultation. We can make recommendations based on our considerable experience in the aesthetics of the smile and surrounding areas.

How does it work?

Each treatment has its own process. You may need to have one after another or you may be able to combine several procedures in one visit. We will devise a treatment plan that offers the best clinical experience and results while also considering your availability and timescales.

When you have your consultation and then decide what you want, a member of the team from Blue Sky will go through the details of any treatments you have chosen. This will include preparation tips, advice about any sensations you will experience, as much technical knowledge as you want to have and aftercare considerations. This is also a good time for any questions and discussion of any contraindications or risks. We believe in giving you all the information so that you can make an informed decision about your cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.

How can cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland help you?

Are you yet aware of the great effects of cosmetic dentistry on your smile and oral health? If you are one of those who think that cosmetic dentistry is only for the rich and famous, then you may wish to reconsider. There are many effective and inexpensive cosmetic options that can improve your smile and your oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern Ireland

If you are looking for cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, Blue Sky Dentistry is the right place to start. Whether you are looking to restore your damaged teeth or remove discolourations from your smile, we have the right treatment options for you.

Need to replace a missing tooth?

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer a wide variety of tooth replacement options – from dentures and bridges to various types of dental implants. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Dentures are designed to replace an entire arch of teeth, whereas bridges only replace a few missing teeth. Of all these options, dental implants are the most viable treatment for tooth loss, since they are attached to the jawbone and act as replacement tooth roots. With dental implants, you can restore your smile and oral function almost completely.

Are your teeth yellow or dull?

If you suffer from yellow or discoloured teeth, you shouldn’t worry. This is a very common condition affecting most people at some point in their lives. Even if you brush your teeth with special whitening toothpaste, chances are that they will start losing their shine as you grow older. Luckily, cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland can help. At Blue Sky Dentistry, you can brighten your teeth either with power whitening or home whitening – both options are very safe and effective.

Is your smile flawed?

If you have more than one dental problems (i.e. chipped, cracked, slightly misaligned, gapped, discoloured and/or misshapen teeth), then you may wish to consider dental veneers. These thin, porcelain shells can customise your smile the way you like, offering a uniform and attractive result.

If you would like to discuss your cosmetic dentistry options with us, give us a call and we will book a consultation appointment for you.

Reclaim your smile with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast

Preventive dentistry is necessary for the wellbeing of your teeth and gums, but someone would argue that cosmetic dentistry is also important for your oral health. Many people are reluctant of cosmetic dentistry because it is often associated with celebrities. However, there are many types of cosmetic treatments available and most of them have very important benefits for your oral health.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we are passionate about cosmetic dentistry that leads to beautiful and healthy teeth. Patients seeking cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can choose from a wide variety of treatments – from dental veneers and teeth whitening to white fillings and dental implants. We also offer smile makeovers to patients who wish to change more than one things in their smile. The choice is yours.

Braces can also improve your bite

If you want to straighten your teeth for aesthetic reasons, you have come to the right place. At Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer adult braces which are ideal for patients who do not wish to undergo treatment with metal brackets and wires. However, cosmetic braces also promote good oral health, since they will improve your bite and restore your oral function. Not to mention that it’s much easier to brush and floss straighter teeth.

Don’t be afraid to show your smile

If you have been hiding your smile every time you want to laugh, maybe it’s time to consider cosmetic dentistry in Belfast. Depending on your specific problem, our dentists can recommend one or more cosmetic treatments that will let you show off your beautiful smile confidently.

Save money in the long run

Although certain cosmetic treatments can get pricey, getting the treatment you need right away rather than neglecting your teeth over a prolonged period of time, will only prove helpful. This way, you can avoid the need for more expensive and extensive treatments later in life.

It’s all about feeling better

Cosmetic dentistry may not be entirely necessary but it has a great advantage – it can make you feel better about yourself instantly. If your dental problems obscure every aspect of your life, cosmetic dentistry in Belfast can provide a way out of this unwanted situation.

What is cosmetic dentistry in Belfast?

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments. We love to help our patients to enhance the natural beauty of their smile in Belfast.Cosmetic dentistry may not always help your physical health, but it’s far from superficial. Having a smile you feel proud of can be an enormous confidence boost, and change the way you feel about yourself.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

What’s on offer?

Our comprehensive series of treatments includes:

  • teeth whitening
  • cosmetic braces
  • veneers
  • crowns
  • bridges
  • white fillings
  • dentures
  • gum contouring and grafting.

And as well as giving your smile a lift, we can also freshen up your face with a facial aesthetics treatment. More of that later, now onto the cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.

Treatments overview

You can either have your teeth whitening treatment here at the surgery, or in the comfort of your own home. At the surgery, it’s very quick and you’ll be walking away with whiter teeth in an hour. That’s because we use a high concentration gel that can only be administered by a dentist. At home, the process takes a little longer, about 2 weeks, and we’ll give you custom-made whitening trays to make sure the gel doesn’t leak onto your gums.

Cosmetic braces can fix wonky, twisted, crooked and rotated teeth. We use well-known brands such as the Inman Aligner to offer quick and discreet results.

Veneers are thin, porcelain shells that fit over the front of the tooth like a false nail. They can cover up cracks, chips, stains and small gaps, and will last for around 10 years.

Crowns,bridges and dentures replace missing and broken teeth, giving your smile a uniform look. And white fillings can either be used to repair a tooth or you can replace your glinty mercury fillings with a more natural effect.

Gum contouring uses a laser to cut away excess gum tissue. This reveals more of your natural tooth. Gum grafting adds extra material where gums have receded.

Facial aesthetics

Once we’ve helped you to a brighter, straighter smile, why not house that smile in a younger-looking face? We offer dermal fillers, facial peels and a plasma facial to restore and rejuvenate the skin.

Your smile: the accessory that’s always bang on trend

When it comes to eliciting feelings of warmth and generosity from other people, even the most expensive handbag probably won’t have that effect. Envy perhaps, but friendliness is unlikely. Your wonderful smile however, is pretty much guaranteed to make you new friends and connections, and in the long run, it’s that sense of connection to those around us, even the briefest of encounters with strangers, that make for feelings of lasting happiness.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern IrelandSo, this season, forget upgrading your wardrobe with the latest bold block colours that will be so last season so soon, and go for the fashion statement that is never out of fashion.

Bring your smile along to us at Blue Sky Dentistry and find out how we can bring it bang up to date with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland.

Just as you would not take your hair to any old cutter, so it should be with your teeth. Cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland is to be taken very seriously. These are changes that could last a lifetime, and also changes that people notice. Everyone looks at everyone’s teeth, so make yours look wonderful by getting your cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland done with dentists who really know what they are doing. Cosmetic dentistry is as much about having an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing as it is about being able to deliver excellent treatment results.

Take our cosmetic dentists here at Blue Sky Dentistry. Dr Rory McEnhill has been nominated and highly commended for his cosmetic dental work. Dr Joe McEnhill won Best Young Dentist in Northern Ireland in 2011.

As a team, our dentists like to keep up with all the latest treatments and offer a wide variety that singly or combined can upgrade your smile to one you won’t ever want to hide.

We have treatments to change the size, shape, colour and positioning of your teeth. We can also treat your gums to reduce the amount of tissue on show, or rebuild them after gum disease.

To find out more about how our cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland can change your smile for the better, book a consultation today.

No need to suffer those imperfections

Grin and bear it. It may seem like a good idea in some circumstances, but as far as putting up with teeth that look a bit rubbish because they are damaged in some way, or came through a bit wonky, there really is no need. And, actually, what tends to happen is that you feel too self-conscious about your teeth to grin and bear them and either cover your smile with a hand, do all your smiling through pursed lips, or stop smiling altogether.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern IrelandWhy do that when you could so easily put imperfections right with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland? It really is a much better idea. Some people think that spending money on cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland is pure self-indulgence and vanity, but in fact, certain treatments can extend the life of your teeth. Others just help you to smile more freely, and being able to smile greatly affects your emotional and social wellbeing. If you smile with a big grin, others respond to it with warmth and friendliness. And so does your body, releasing doses of serotonin and other happiness chemicals. You feel great and so does everyone around you. You are in fact doing the world a service when you smile and Lord knows, we need as much of that as we can get right now.

So, what do you need fixing? Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, our award-winning cosmetic dentists can sort out whatever problems you have. They can do cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland on an ad hoc basis, or they can combine a whole raft of treatments into a package called a smile makeover.

Teeth whitening

The world’s most popular cosmetic dental treatment. It can give your smile a boost in just one hour in the clinic, or in about 2 weeks at home.

Veneers and composite bonding

Cover up all those dings, cracks, slight twists, and gaps between teeth, with dental porcelain sheaths or by having white composite sculpted over your teeth. These 2 treatments really transform dodgy teeth.

Gums too

Maybe you have too much gum. We can remove excess gum tissue with a laser, evening out the ratio between gum and tooth.

Valeting for your teeth

Your car gets a bit bashed up and you take it to the body shop and spend a small fortune getting the paintwork made perfect, the panels beaten out, the chips in the windscreen fixed. One day, you will replace it with another car that will be even better. Your teeth get more use than your car, they get dinged and chipped and worn and discoloured and you do nothing about it. Nothing can ever replace a real tooth as well. This is the best you will ever get. Why not make it look fabulous again with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast?

Cosmetic Dentistry in BelfastDings and chips

Dings, chips, cracks, gaps, slight twists: all of these can be rectified with veneers or cosmetic bonding. These are 2 ways to cover over damage and imperfections on your teeth. Veneers are custom-made, porcelain covers that are bonded onto the enamel of your teeth. They are coloured to your requirements and last for at least 10 years. Cosmetic bonding is sculpted onto your teeth using the composite material developed for white fillings. It’s great for biting teeth at the front of the mouth, and is also long-lasting.

Dodgy paintwork

When your teeth have become all dull and discoloured, a bit like the paintwork fading on your car, you can get them brightened up again with teeth whitening. This is the most popular treatment with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast. We use a gel containing hydrogen peroxide to gently lift out the traces of red wine, coffee, tea, tobacco and other pigments from food and drinks that have sunk down into the pores of your tooth enamel. You can have this done in our clinic at Blue Sky Dentistry, or we can make you a take-home kit containing a set of bespoke gel trays that will fit your teeth exactly. The home whitening takes a couple of weeks, but you then have gel trays to top-up your treatment whenever you need it.

Twisted bodywork

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast has a variety of devices to align your teeth. You can have braces no matter what your age as long as it is only your teeth, and not your jaws, that need realigning.

It all starts with your smile…and cosmetic dentistry in Belfast

When it comes to human interactions, everything starts with your smile. You can spend all the money you like on fancy handbags, cars, footwear and hair, if your smile isn’t open, warm and friendly then you are still on the starting blocks after that first meeting. People may admire the slick shoes, the perfect tan and the gel nails, but what they will remember you by, for good or for bad, is your smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry in BelfastIt hardly seems fair, does it? But smiles were chosen as our most important method of communication thousands of years before we decided to also start communicating with our clothing and body decorations. Still today, we are all hardwired to notice if yours is a big, fat grin that crinkles up your eyes or a tight-lipped smile or even worse, one hidden by your hand. Give people those smiles and they will tend to assume you are unfriendly and they will be unfriendly back. Give them a big friendly beam and they will open doors both physical and metaphorical for you and your path through life will become somehow smoother.

If your reaction to this information is along the lines of ‘But my smile is awful’, then here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we can help you change that with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast.

Drs Rory and Joe McEnhill have won lots of awards their work with cosmetic dentistry in Belfast, and they can help you transform your smile into the one you always wished you could have. Creating a great smile is as much an art as it is a science. It’s about having the knowledge and an eye for what makes a great smile (it’s to do with harmonising the teeth with the mouth and the face) as well as the skills to make it happen. It’s harder than it sounds, which is why it can be informative to have a look on the net at cosmetic dentistry gone wrong. Ours won’t, by the way.

To find out how the team at Blue Sky Dentistry can help you get an award-winning smile, book a consultation.

Changing faces with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland

You may have beautiful eyes, creamy Irish skin, lustrous hair, and luscious lips, but all that can count for nothing if you aren’t happy with your teeth. Teeth are one of the top things that people remember about you when they meet you for the first time, so make sure yours are remembered for the right reasons with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Northern IrelandCosmetic dentistry treatments with us at Blue Sky Dentistry can change the size, shape, colour and alignment of your teeth, so there’s no reason for them not to look their best. This is doubly so because when you come to us for cosmetic dental treatments, you will be in the safe and artistic hands of our award-winning cosmetic dentists, Dr Rory McEnhill and Dr Joe McEnhill, both of whom have been recognised by the dental industry for their cosmetic dentistry skills.

White fillings

Dark, glinty amalgam fillings don’t look good. You can replace them with white fillings made of white composite. Composite fillings are even stronger and more durable than amalgam. They can also be sculpted so that you get your chewing surfaces back on molars.


One of the most versatile of all treatments with cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland, is veneers. These are thin sheaths made of dental porcelain that are made to cover the fronts of the teeth. We use them to cover over all manner of imperfections. Got gaps between your teeth? Veneers can fill them in. Got mild twists? Veneers can make your teeth look straight? Dodgy coloured teeth that won’t come clean with whitening? Veneers. Cracks? Chips? Worn edges? Veneers. We can fit veneers in just 2 appointments. During the first we take impressions and prepare your teeth. During the second, we attach the veneers, first removing a very thin layer of enamel to make sure they lie flush with the rest of your teeth and to give the adhesive something to bond to. We can also use composite bonding to cover imperfections. This uses composite resin, like that used for white fillings, which is put on as a paste and then sculped in situ.

Come in and find out what cosmetic dentistry in Northern Ireland can do for your smile.