Mastication: The Workings of Chewing and Biting

Chewing and biting are habits that you do not think too much about as soon as you start eating. These acts may seem simple, but they involve a series of complex structures and movements to execute. The teeth that process the food you eat must work in tune with the jaw and joints.

The Jaw’s Movement

root canal therapyThe jaw’s muscles and joints are responsible for the movement of your mouth whenever you bite and chew. The temporomandibular joints or TMJs move simultaneously to open and close while you eat. It requires symmetry in all parts of the mouth to help you properly chew and bite off food. Misaligned teeth or a misshapen mouth will add pressure on your jaw, making chewing and biting difficult.

The Mechanics of Teeth

It may seem as a surprise that teeth can chew and bite all kinds of food without a scratch or serious damage. The enamel that coats teeth is one of the most resilient and durable substances that the body creates. Other than the coating, teeth owe much of their strength to alignment.

The symmetrical position of the teeth allows it to systematically break down any type of food that you put into your mouth. The jaws and teeth work in unison to make sure that you chew food properly.

Misaligned teeth, malocclusions and gaps make the chewing and biting movements less efficient, putting a strain on your jaw. Loss of or impacted teeth may require a root canal or removal, exposing you to periodontitis and potential bone loss. Blue Sky Dentist can help you return the strength of your jaw and restore your teeth.

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