Is professional teeth whitening in Northern Ireland worth it?

We live in a cosmetically conscious world, where cosmetic medicine is completely acceptable. The growing demand for cosmetic dentistry, in particular, has created more opportunities for health and beauty companies to launch their own products and offer affordable teeth whitening. However, nothing beats a teeth whitening session in the dentist’s chair and safety is the most important reason to refuse DIY and over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we appreciate that a beautiful, white smile is a top priority for many people and for this reason we offer a comprehensive service of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. Whether you want to whiten your teeth with the help of advanced technology in the dentist’s chair, or simply at home, we can help.

Protect your teeth and gums

Most over-the-counter teeth whitening products promise a sparkling smile with minimal effort. However, these products are not always certified by dental professionals and this means that the ingredients they contain may be dangerous for some people.

Moreover, people with sensitive teeth should not apply generic teeth whitening pastes over their teeth and gums without being aware of the exact type and concentration of the whitening product, because this can lead to serious problems. At-home whitening products can cause increased sensitivity or a burning sensation.

In contrast, professional teeth whitening in Northern Ireland only uses certified whitening gels which are customised for each patient. These whitening agents do not soak in the teeth as much and are not harmful to the gums.

Achieve even results

Professional teeth whitening treatments at Blue Sky Dentistry are designed to help patients achieve an even, whiter smile. Our whitening trays are highly personalised and will whiten all of your teeth smoothly and consistently. Over-the-counter whitening trays are one-size-fits-all and may not make contact with all your teeth, resulting in patchy results.

Prevent damage

Whitening your teeth at home on your own is not a great idea, because you may be suffering from an underlying dental condition that you are not yet aware of. Only your dentist can identify whether your teeth and gums are healthy enough to sustain teeth whitening and what treatment is best for you.

Is it time to brighten up your smile?

Over the years our age starts to show outwardly on our body. We start to get some wrinkles, some salt and pepper hair, and for many of us teeth start to darken. And if people add in wine, coffee, smoking, and so on, it only speeds up the age processing, much like too much sun against our skin. And just like people treat their wrinkles with Botox and colour their hair in Northern Ireland, teeth whitening is another way to help us look as youthful as we feel.

Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening in Northern Ireland has become a very popular dental procedure for individuals looking to restore their smile. It lightens the colour of the teeth to achieve a Hollywood smile, and as more people are seeking a pearly white set of teeth, teeth whitening is becoming more common.

How does it work?

Typically teeth whitening in Northern Ireland is done through a bleaching process either at home or with a dental professional. Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer two types of teeth whitening.

Let’s start with power teeth whitening. It is done in the dental chair with a dental professional. The gums and lips are protected with a special barrier. Next, a gel is placed on your teeth and a lamp is positioned above them, which is used to active the bleaching process. After an hour your teeth will be several shades brighter. This is a great option for people who want their teeth to be brighter for an upcoming event such as a wedding, party, or all the pictures on holiday.

The other option is at-home teeth whitening. Our dental team will make you a custom lightweight plastic mold to wear with a whitening gel inside. You should wear it for a few hours during the day and your results will start to show after 2 weeks.

Taking care of your new smile

It is important to visit a dental professional before beginning any teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. And after you complete your treatment, it is important to avoid foods and drinks that can stain your teeth. It is also important to brush and floss regularly to maintain your new bright white smile.

Brightening up

To choose teeth whitening in Belfast means you can choose the level of brightness you’d like to see in your smile. Our contemporary teeth whitening process gives you the freedom to select the level of whiteness you want for your teeth. Belfast teeth whitening puts the patient first. Your discoloured teeth will be changed into great-looking ones in a simple and speedy process.

Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Why do people choose teeth whitening in Belfast?

As you age, your teeth will naturally tend to change their appearance. As well as this, you might find that eating and drinking have caused additional discolouration, in a surprising variety of shades. That’s because tiny deposits of colour are left behind on your dental surfaces, especially if your tooth-cleaning routine hasn’t always been as good as it could be. Smoking cigarettes tends to worsen discolouration. Red wine and coffee can also add unwelcome touches of colour that become unsightly stains that are difficult for you to remove by yourself.

Teeth whitening in Belfast happens in two ways, according to your preference. The first is the quickest, and is sometimes known as power whitening. You’ll relax in our treatment chair while we use our comfortable technology to brighten your teeth in around an hour or so. People who opt for this experience tend to do so because they’re about to attend an important social occasion.

The other option is to have teeth whitening in Belfast at home. We’ll give you a customised plastic tray for you to wear over your teeth. You’ll wear the tray, combined with a whitening gel that you’ll use according to our careful instructions, at specified times over a couple of weeks. Your teeth will then be just as white as you’d like them to be, but the change will have been more gradual.

The effect

Teeth whitening in Belfast can be repeated whenever you feel the need for a top-up. The effects can last from several months up to a couple of years. It’s a comfortable cosmetic procedure that produces a noticeable positive change in your dental appearance. You can show off your new smile with confidence.

Are you a black coffee fiend?

Or do you prefer to drink gallons of tea through out the day? Maybe you like to wind down over a great meal with a glass or 2 of Malbec or some other delicious red wine? If any, or all of these, sound like you then your teeth could have lost their natural pearly whiteness, which is now hidden away under years of staining from your favourite tipples.

Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Luckily, getting your gleaming smile back couldn’t be easier with teeth whitening in Belfast from us at Blue Sky Dentistry.

Teeth whitening is a simple, safe procedure when carried out under the care of a dental professional. Yes, you can get over-the-counter whitening products, but they are often not as strong and can also cause damage as the tooth trays, which are one size fits all, are more likely to spill whitening gel into your mouth.

What is whitening gel made of?

The active ingredient used in teeth whitening in Belfast is hydrogen peroxide. This is water with an extra oxygen molecule. It does an amazing job of removing stains by gently lifting them out. In the case of teeth whitening in Belfast, traces of your favourite drinks are lodged in the pores of your enamel. The hydrogen peroxide gets in and dislodges them. It can also lighten the enamel, so your teeth end up whiter than before.

How to get teeth whitening in Belfast

There are 2 ways to get your teeth whitened.

If you want a quick treatment, then you have your whitening carried out at the clinic. With power whitening, we protect your lips and gums with a plastic barrier before painting your teeth with whitening gel. It takes about an hour to lighten your teeth by several shades and then you are good to go.

For a more gradual treatment, we can make bespoke gel trays for you. You wear them every day for a short period and lighten your teeth over 2-3 weeks.

Teeth whitening is not a permanent treatment. Stains come back, but you can extend the life of your treatment by avoiding staining drinks and foods and rinsing after you do have them.

Discoloured teeth?

Over time, eating, drinking and getting older can cause discolouration of your teeth, making them appear dull or yellowed. This can affect confidence and self-esteem. There are ways of changing this, though. If you’ve thought about making your teeth whiter, teeth whitening in Northern Ireland could be an option for you.

Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

About us

Blue Sky Dental is a clinic in Northern Ireland offering effective teeth whitening treatments to help lighten your teeth. Our staff are highly trained and experienced in providing quality care to help you get the results you want. Whether you’re looking to make your teeth a few shades lighter or to take stains away, we work closely with you to provide a tailored treatment.

How does it work?

We offer two methods of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland:

  • The first is power teeth whitening, which is done in our clinic. A whitening gel is put onto your teeth and a lamp is used to help bleach your teeth. The whitening treatment lasts for an hour. After this time, you can expect that your teeth will look a few shades whiter.
  • The alternative is a home whitening kit. We create a tailored mould of your teeth. You can add whitening gel inside this and wear it at home. Patients wear the mould for a few hours during the day or at night. The process can take around two weeks to see results.

Benefits of teeth whitening

When you have a bright smile, you feel more confident and you might find yourself wanting to smile more! Patients can feel more positive and motivated when they know their smile looks good.

How long do the results last?

Results can be long-lasting but aren’t permanent. When patients look after their teeth and are mindful about avoiding certain foods and drink, such as coffee, the results will last much longer. Taking care to stick to a cleaning routine, including flossing, will also assist with this.

Is teeth whitening expensive?

You may be curious about the cost of getting teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. Prices are competitive and affordable for many patients. We can offer payment plans with competitive interest rates. There are some instances where we can also offer interest-free plans.

Speedy improvements

Teeth whitening in Belfast will swiftly transform your discoloured smile into a bright one. At Blue Sky Dentistry, we’ve been providing this popular cosmetic treatment for many years. Many of our patients find that it’s an effective process, which significantly boosts their visual appeal.

Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Banish discolouration

Despite your best efforts with brushing and cleaning, the white outer surfaces of your teeth can take on traces of colour. Over many years, these traces build up into colourful patches and stains that very often have an unsightly appearance. Such discolouration is a difficult thing to try and manage if you only use over-the-counter products. Teeth whitening in Belfast, however, will give you a dazzling smile.

Customised teeth whitening in Belfast

There are two ways to have your teeth whitened at our dental practice. One is fast, the other more gradual.

The fast version is known as power whitening. We place a protective barrier on your gums and lips, then apply a whitening agent that transforms your discolouration into a bright whiteness. We use a lamp, angled towards your teeth, to enhance the whitening process. The whole thing is achieved in a single visit to our practice.

Teeth whitening in Belfast can also be carried out at home. In this version, you’ll have a customised tray that’s moulded to precisely fit over your teeth. The whitening agent inside the tray achieves its results over a couple of weeks, as you wear the tray while you sleep, or for a couple of hours during the day.

Cosmetic futures

Teeth whitening in Belfast is a procedure that can be repeated if discolouration starts to creep back in. Certain drinks tend to produce more discolouration than others. Alcohol and coffee are the usual culprits, while sugary foods also tend to have a bad effect. Smoking, too, will not help your smile to stay free from staining.

For many of our patients in Belfast, teeth whitening provides the smile with a straightforward cosmetic benefit. The visual improvement can lead to a better appreciation of one’s overall appearance. The team at our contemporary dental practice is always happy to answer any questions you may have about what this treatment can do for you.

You’re never too old for teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

No matter how diligent you are about keeping your teeth clean, it’s impossible to stop stains building up on them, especially if you are an old-school tea drinker and partial to the odd coffee, a glass of red and the odd ciggy when no-one’s looking.

Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

You may think that making your teeth look nice is for the young, but why not you too? Just because you are over 40, and even if you are male, there’s no reason not to have great looking teeth. If you had dentures, your teeth would be lovely and even and a great colour, so why not your natural teeth too? Having the staining removed from your teeth with teeth whitening in Northern Ireland can make you look younger and healthier.

Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we love it when someone who really needs it comes in for teeth whitening in Northern Ireland; the transformation is astounding and people leave us feeling fantastic. It’s a real confidence booster.

There are 2 ways to get your teeth whitened with us. You can go for the dramatic change and get your stains removed in around about an hour, or you can decide not to let anyone notice and do it by stealth in the privacy of your home.

Fast and dramatic

Book yourself in and then lie back and relax while we protect your lips and gums with a plastic barrier. That done, we paint whitening gel onto your teeth and activate it with a UV lamp. The hydrogen peroxide in the gel lifts the stains out of the pores of your teeth. Depending on how white you want to go and how bad your staining is to start with, the treatment takes about 60 minutes.

Slow and stealthy

For this, we make you a set of gel trays that exactly fit your teeth and then send you home with them and a tube of less powerful whitening gel. You wear the gel-filled trays over your teeth for a short period each day and in 2-3 weeks you will have whitened your teeth. The change is gradual so those around you will notice that you look so much better, but won’t know exactly what’s changed.

Benefits and risks of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

If your smile is marred by stains and discolouration, chances are that you need to undertake teeth whitening in Northern Ireland. Many people are unfamiliar with the process of teeth whitening, however, and hesitate to move forward because they think that it will involve pain and discomfort.

Teeth Whitening in Northern Ireland

At Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer two types of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland, both of which are very safe and effective. Whether you wish to have brighter teeth in less than an hour in the dentist’s chair, or you want to experience teeth whitening at the comfort of your own home, we have the solution for you. Simply book a consultation appointment with a cosmetic dentist at Blue Sky Dentistry and we will suggest the best teeth whitening method for you after examining your teeth thoroughly.

How teeth whitening in Northern Ireland works

When you visit us for teeth-whitening services, you will first receive a thorough dental examination and cleaning. If you wish to have your teeth whitened with power whitening, your cosmetic dentist will put a protective barrier over your lips and gums and will apply a customised whitening gel over your teeth. This gel will be activated with the help of a laser light that will penetrate the enamel of your teeth without harming it. After this process is completed, your teeth will look considerably whiter.

If you opt for home whitening, your dentist will take accurate impressions of your teeth and create personalised whitening trays. Wearing them for a few hours every day or overnight for 2 weeks or so, will make your teeth become whiter.

Benefits of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

Teeth whitening has many benefits. For starters, it is quick and effective. Unlike other cosmetic treatments such as veneers, teeth whitening is much more affordable. Moreover, a lot of people find that teeth whitening offers a boost to their confidence, since they smile more than they did before.

Risks of teeth whitening in Northern Ireland

Teeth whitening doesn’t have many side effects, especially when it is monitored by an experienced cosmetic dentist. If you have sensitive teeth and gums, however, you’d better inform your cosmetic dentist in advance.

Belfast teeth whitening is all about the colour white

White teeth communicate so much: they communicate health, youth, strength, cleanliness and even beauty. So, if your teeth have become stained from enjoying all of the abundances of life, you may well now be wishing you could turn back the years. In Belfast, teeth whitening is a quick, pain-free, cost-effective cosmetic treatment that will do just that. Our teeth whitening process can take your teeth 1-3 shades lighter.

Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Under dental care

Power teeth whitening in Belfast ensures great results from just one treatment. We protect your gums and lips with a barrier before painting whitening gel onto your teeth.

A lamp is then placed close to your mouth, and the light activates the agent. Within an hour, you will walk out of the clinic with a shiny, white smile that rolls back the years.

In the comfort of your own home

Home whitening kits can be picked up from most High Street stores or at your local beauticians. However, unlike the home kits your dentist will supply, the gel trays are generic and ill fitting. This often leads to uneven distribution of the whitening agent creating an uneven clean or at its worst, damaging the gums and tooth enamel.

By selecting tooth whitening with us at Blue Sky Dentistry, you can guarantee the best results. Your home kit includes bespoke gel trays, made from impressions of your teeth. You fill the trays with a whitening agent and then fit them snugly over your teeth. This precise fit not only ensure even distribution of the agent, it also protect the delicate tissue of your gums.

Because this treatment is being carried out by you and not a professional, the gel is less concentrated, which means that it will take several sessions at home to achieve the same effect. You wear the trays for a short period each day and the results will take a couple of weeks to appear.

Aftercare for your new smile

Brushing, flossing and regular trips to the dentist will not only ensure your white teeth stay bright but it will also ensure signs of gum infections and decay are caught before they become problematic. Teeth whitening is not permanent so you will need to top up occasionally.

Get the gold-star whitening treatment

When we see things that cost a little more, it’s tempting at first to try and find a budget option. Teeth whitening in Belfast at Blue Sky Dentistry is probably more affordable than you think but it will cost you more than over-the-counter whitening kits. We want you to know you are getting value you for your money when you work with us, so this article is to explain what you get for the extra investment.

Teeth Whitening in Belfast

Customer experience

There’s a reason why Blue Sky Dentistry has been given nearly 50 5-star reviews on Google. It’s because we find out what patients want and feel comfortable with and then we offer them tailored treatments that show tangible results. With our teeth-whitening treatments, we ensure that everyone goes home with a smile that they want to flash more often.

Customised equipment

When you buy a kit to use at home, it comes with a one-size-fits-all set of trays. The trouble is that one size doesn’t fit everyone, and your kit may not be suitable for the size and shape of your teeth. When you have teeth whitening in Belfast, we craft a set of trays specifically for you which you can then take home to use along with a high-strength whitening gel.

Additionally, you can also reuse your teeth-whitening equipment over and over again to top up the effects of your treatment. We can resupply you with the professional-grade gel during your check-ups. We can also keep an eye on your teeth so that we can check that they are healthy and suitable for ongoing whitening treatments.

Support for any issues

Teeth whitening in Belfast is safe and effective with the support of your dentist. One of the few problems you can encounter is some tooth sensitivity after your treatment. If this happens, we can advise you on the steps to take. Any sensations you feel will fade when you stop using the whitening gel.

With home kits, there is no aftercare. Without the proper guidance and equipment, there are a number of issues that people regularly encounter. This often includes failing to whiten your teeth to the shade that you wanted.