Visible change

Many dental patients are concerned with the visual aspects of their teeth. There’s nothing unusual about this, since most of us feel better when we’ve taken care over our appearance. Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast provides you with various methods to visually enhance your smile. Here at Blue Sky Dentistry, we offer a contemporary range of stylish and effective treatments that will help you to achieve the dental appearance you desire.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Belfast

Taking care

Cosmetic dentistry in Belfast is tailored to the individual patient. Modern technologies, combined with the dentist’s skills, mean that treatments are planned and performed with efficiency. You might be surprised by the effects we can achieve in just one or 2 visits to our comfortable dental practice. Our tactful team will help you to relax while you discuss which form of Belfast cosmetic dentistry is most appropriate for your needs.

All kinds of people come through our doors seeking ways to improve their dental appearance. One treatment we frequently deliver is teeth whitening. As you get older, your teeth can display different shades of unwanted colour. This is usually because food and drink leave behind minute traces on your dental enamel, and these traces gradually build up into stains.

Our teeth whitening treatment allows you to choose the level of brightness you’d like to see in your smile. You can choose to have power whitening in-clinic or we can provide a kit for at home whitening.

Long-lasting ideas

Many people seek cosmetic dentistry in Belfast because they want to reposition their teeth. Wonky smiles can look unpleasant, and awkwardly-arranged teeth can be difficult to keep clean. Our range of braces and aligners are sensitive to your social needs. Transparent and tooth-coloured materials help the appliances to remain hidden while your dental repositioning takes place. This form of Belfast cosmetic dentistry does need some time to work, but the results are long-lasting and significant.

Repair work is another aspect of cosmetic dentistry in Belfast. Chipped teeth will benefit from veneers. These finely-crafted segments of strong porcelain are securely bonded to your damaged teeth, creating a natural-looking outline once more. Fillings for decayed teeth can be carried out with tooth-coloured material, to maintain visual harmony.